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10 Best Quiet Dog Nail Grinders

quiet dog nail grinders
Written by Robert Lewis

Is it time to give your dog a ‘mani-pedi,’ but you’re stuck on whether to use a clipper or a grinder? How about giving nail grinders a try? Nail clippers often cause discomfort for your pet. They make loud and uncomfortable snapping sounds and still don’t get the job done right! Moreover, they also leave dogs with sharper claws than before.

That said, quiet nail grinders are the best option. They are virtually painless, allowing you to trim their nails and avoid cutting into their paws seamlessly. Read on to find the quietest nail grinders available in the market today!

Quiet Dog Nail Grinders

All dogs require good nail health, as it is a vital part of their physical health. Trimming your dog’s nails can sometimes be uncomfortable for your pet. You’ll need to do it right, which means having the right tools for the task. A quiet dog nail grinder is the best pick for you and your pup as it provides a stress-free trimming experience for the both of you. As you probably know, your furry friend is quite sensitive to loud sounds. With a quiet nail grinder, your dog can finally stop wincing every time they hear the grinding sound!

Top Ten Best Picks

Now that you’ve settled into the idea of purchasing a quiet nail grinder, you’ll need to get it right! Finding the perfect one can be quite hectic given the numerous available options. With that in mind, below is a comprehensive list of the top ten best picks of the most quiet nail grinders for dogs.

1. LuckyTail 
luckytail claw grinding device

The first item on the list is usually the best! LuckyTail has got to be the best quiet nail grinder on this list, and this is because it is ultra-quiet! It produces approximately 30 to 50 decibels, which is just about the sound of rainfall. LuckyTail also comes equipped with ultra-light vibration as well, which guarantees real comfort for dogs. Your pet will surely enjoy the spa treatment feeling with LuckyTail.

Furthermore, it has two speed modes and three-way grinding that ensures your pet has smooth and short nails. LuckyTail features a detachable grinding wheel that makes it easier to clean the grinder. It’s also small enough to comfortably fit within your palms, meaning that it is comfortable for you to hold even as you do the ‘heavy lifting’ on your dog. LuckyTail comes with a USB chargeable port to top it all off. It retails on Amazon for $39.95, which honestly is quite a steal for such a high-end product!

2. Dremel PawControl 
Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer

The Dremel nail grinder is another excellent option for your furry friend’s nails. This machine comes equipped with two-way grinding as well as two speed variations for you to choose from. Unlike LuckyTail, which does not require batteries, Dremel operates on rechargeable batteries, which come with a USB charger. Therefore, it’s best to make sure your battery is all charged up to avoid disappointment during the grooming sessions.

Alternatively, you can also purchase an extra battery to use once the one you’re using runs out. Dremel grinders are also detachable and come with spare parts that you can use when the old ones wear out. Much like LuckyTail, Dremel also fits the holder’s hand, providing comfort as you trim your dog’s nails. It retails on Amazon for $47.11.

3. Casfuy 
Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

The next best alternative is the Casfuy rechargeable grinder. It comes equipped with two speeds to ensure you trim with the ease and speed you desire. Besides, it features a two-way diamond bit grinder to guarantee neat and well-cut nails for your dog. Casfuy is whisper-silent, vibration-free, cordless, and rechargeable. However, its charging time can take up to 3 hours while the usage time only lasts about two hours.

4. Useeland
 J-Bonest Powerful Dog Nail Grinder

Useeland is a powerful, quiet dog nail grinder, whose most significant advantage is its long time usage of up to 20 hours. And this is after charging for a mere four-hour period only. Useeland grinders are USB-compatible, meaning that you can use any machine that allows USB compatibility. Much like other quiet grinders, its noise level is only up to 50 decibels. It also has muted vibration to guarantee your dog’s comfort. Useeland is readily available for purchase on Amazon at only $21.59.

5. isYoung 
isYoung Dog Nail Grinder

With a 90-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty, it’s easy to see why this product has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. It’s much similar in function to the other mentioned grinders on this list. However, isYoung differs slightly with its three-hour charging time and only three hours of battery life. Essentially, this means that you have to keep your USB charger close by if you intend to move around with the grinder.

6. Gindoly

The Gindoly grinder is a recently updated nail grinder equipped with an LCD screen that allows the user to monitor its battery level. It is also relatively inexpensive and features a low vibration to minimize irritation to your pet during trimming. Gindoly is rechargeable but only lasts up to a maximum of three hours. So, even though you’ll feel tempted to, don’t take your sweet time as it might just go off on you.

7. Tinghao 
TINGHAO Dog Nail Grinder

This grinder is the one product on our list that offers four size ports to fit small, medium, and large dogs. Moreover, it comes with a unique port just for polishing your pet’s nails after trimming them. It also has a wear-resistant diamond grinding stone, which needs extra caution as you could easily end up grinding off more than you had planned. Tinghao is quite pocket friendly considering its additional grooming tools.

8. Akktol 
AKKTOL Dog Nail Grinder

Akktol is one of the most cost-effective grinders that you will find in the market. It is easily portable, given that it carries up to 20 hours of battery life. It also comes equipped with three ports for diamond bit grinders and has a nail guard for safety. However, its downside is that it can take up to three hours to charge. It can also be quite heavy on the hand, so make sure you’re well-fed beforehand.

9. ConairPRO 

Does your family have more dogs than most families do? What is the quietest trimmer you can imagine using on your pups? How about giving the ConairPRO nail grinder a try? It comes with two interchangeable finishing stones that are safe for dogs of all sizes. Its quiet and lightweight yet powerful features make it a great grooming tool for dog lovers. Besides, the ConairPRO grinder features a protective cover, thus, protecting you and your pooch.

10. MPP 
MPP Dog Nail Trimmer Safety Grinder

The MPP grinder is a high-end product with a sleek design, retailing at $99.89. Nonetheless, it is worth every penny. It comes equipped with a grinding wheel and a finishing stone, which ensures an ultra-smooth professional nail trim for dogs. It is cordless and comes with a rechargeable battery, meaning that you can take your grinder on trips with you.

Final Verdict

With the many listed quiet dog nail grinders, you can easily select the one that suits you best. Although each has its perks, our overall top pick is the LuckyTail grinder. None other can beat its ultra-quiet and low vibration features, as well as its fair price point. It’s a grinder you and your pet will not regret purchasing!

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