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8 Best Dog Sweaters (2021 Reviews)

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Written by Robert Lewis

Dog sweaters are cool and fun. Furthermore, they are a must-have if you have a short-haired or a small pup and you live in a place where cold winters or cold days are quite common. However, besides the obvious importance of style and trend, you might wonder on how to find the best dog sweater for your pet? Lucky for you, we made a list where we assembled the 8 very best dog sweaters of 2021 on Amazon. We will share their reviews, list pros and cons to make your choice a lot easier. Here we go!

The list of 8 best dog sweaters for 2021

  1. Gooby Dog Fleece Vest
  2. Zack & Zoey Basic 
  3. Chilly Dog Boyfriend 
  4. Kuoser Cozy British Style 
  5. Scheppend Adidog 
  6. Fitwarm Knitted Sweatshirt 
  7. Blueberry Pet Classic Wool 
  8. Blueberry Ugly Christmas Sweater

Reviews (pros & cons) of the best dog sweaters on Amazon of 2021

  1. Gooby Dog Fleece Vest – the best overall choice for both large and small dogs
    Gooby Dog Fleece Vest

As one of the cheapest and best-rated sweaters/vests, the Gooby Dog fleece vest is a very convenient and simple piece of clothing for a pet. It has one of the best ratings on Amazon. Durable and easy-to-wash, this monochromatic fleece vest has sleeve gaps for all four legs. It is a vest/sweater that covers the belly but won’t cover the legs. So the only downside that it isn’t the best choice for extremely cold climates.


  • Lots of different colours and sizes
  • Easy to wash
  • Durable
  • Warm
  • Won’t be difficult to put on or take off


  • Won’t cover the legs and most reviews advocate that this particular model is much better for small dogs 
  1. Zack & Zoey Basic – a versatile hoodie that covers a part of the legs 
    Zack & Zoey Basic

Zack & Zoey Basic sweater is a dog hoodie that offers great protection from rain. However, the composition is sub-par, when compared to other top products because the Basic hoodie from Zack & Zoey is only 35% cotton. It isn’t exactly very warm. Nonetheless, it’s quite convenient because you have partial sleeves, a hoodie and hems on the sleeves to make it adaptable to the needs of your pet. It also makes them look cute.


  • Lots of different colours and sizes
  • Easy to wash and care for
  • Partly covers the leg
  • Clever and convenient pocket in the back


  • Isn’t very warm because it’s 65% polyester
  1. Chilly Dog Boyfriend – an excellent & stylish dog sweater for large dogs
    Chilly Dog Boyfriend

It can be difficult to find the right dog sweater for a pooch that is large. However, you have a lot of variety on Amazon and we believe that this particular sweater is the best one you can buy for a bigger pet. It doesn’t have long sleeves but it does have some patriotic motives and features an American flag. It is made in the USA and you can’t deny the quality of this 100% wool sweater.


  • Warm, because made of wool
  • Hand knit
  • Unique & stylish design
  • Different sizes, especially many choices for big dogs


  • Pulling it off isn’t the easiest job in the world
  • Isn’t the easiest to wash
  1. Kuoser Cozy British Style – cheap designer look for dogs
    Kuoser Cozy British Style

From afar, you can see and notice that this particular vest/jacket for your 4-legged pet is unique. The design is stylish and reminds of high-street designer fashion houses that dictate the trends for humans (and in this case, pets too). Kuoser coat is waterproof and easy to wash which means that people can surely appreciate this vest/jacket. You have a Velcro closing and a comfy blend of materials that your dog can definitely appreciate


  • Lots of sizes from XS to 4XL
  • Reversible
  • Machine-wash-ready
  • Waterproof


  • Sizing might be difficult to pick right
  • Not super comfy to all dogs
  1. Scheppend Adidog – a unique and fun design that’s also practical
    Scheppend Adidog

This is a fun-looking dog sweater (hoodie) that covers legs so it’s actually a tracksuit for dogs. It comes in a variety of different sizes and colours, it’s relatively cheap and the fun picture on the back really makes your dog stand out. Regardless of the low price, the Scheppend Adidog has durable stitches and buttons and the printing doesn’t wash off that easy. 


  • A wide variety of colours and sizes
  • Covers the legs
  • Made from the same material that human sweatshirts are made from


  • Some might consider it kitschy 
  • Not the easiest to wash and clean
  1. Fitwarm Knitted Sweatshirt – a sensible, warm knitted dog sweater
    Fitwarm Knitted Sweatshirt

It isn’t all that easy finding a warm and cozy sweater for your dog that also isn’t too shabby in terms of quality. Luckily, the Fitwarm Knitted Sweatshirts are just that. The cost is reasonable and the benefits are great. There is a hoodie which protects from the rain and the cold. 


  • Very warm
  • Very comfy with velvet leg openings
  • Hoodie for added protection


  • Not too much variety in terms of sizes
  • Doesn’t fit the largest or the smallest dogs that well
  1. Blueberry Pet Classic Wool – a unique and fun design that’s also practical
    Blueberry Pet Classic Wool

If you wish to make your dog feel warm and nice, the Blueberry dog sweaters made from wool are some of the best options that you can find. It has that crochet pattern for maximum elegance. It’s also a sweater that covers the belly and is composed from a blend of acrylic and wool. People can also benefit from the convenient leash & harness hole which is placed at the back. 


  • Not too expensive
  • Warm & great for cold weather
  • Elegant design


  • Can be a challenge to put it on the dog
  • Irresponsible washing and incorrect washing programmes can shrink it
  1. Blueberry Ugly Christmas Sweater – a fun dog sweater that always spells ‘Christmas’
    Blueberry Ugly Christmas Sweater

If the Winter Holiday festivities are just around the corner or if you want to give your dog a perfect gift, or to help them blend in with the whole family, you can get a Christmas dog sweater from Blueberry. The ‘Ugly Christmas sweater’ is very similar to the #7 entry on our list. The only real difference is the design. You can choose one of four patterns on Amazon and one of many sizes, ranging from extra small to medium, all the way to XL and above. If you want something creative and fun, this is definitely the right choice.


  • Not too expensive (but not the cheapest either)
  • Warm & great for cold weather
  • Elegant design


  • Might make the dog look silly when it’s not the holidays
  • Can be a challenge to put it on the dog
  • Irresponsible washing and incorrect washing programmes can shrink it

How to pick out the right sweater for your dog?

If you are in the market for a dog sweater, whether it be for a Sheepdog, a small Yorkshire Terrier, a Golden Retriever or for a Pitbull, you need to know what things to look for and what to look out for, in order to pick out the right sweater for your dog. 

First up – the reason for buying a sweater. Dogs have a denser and more hairy bodies than humans. Thus, the necessity for a dog sweater is only there if your dog is small, has very short hair or if you live in an area where the winters or weather is very cold. Buying a sweater otherwise is just a waste of money because it will create discomfort for the pet.

Next up, if your dog really needs a sweater, make sure to pick out the right density and thickness. If you’re very keen on DIY, you can, of course, try knitting a custom sweater on your own. But beware that it has to be very durable and withstand strenuous loads. Otherwise, it will rip and tear quickly. 

Now you should consider convenience. It is comprised from the easiness of fitting and the simplicity of washing. If the material is so hard to wash, it isn’t right, unless your dog isn’t all that keen on messing about. Furthermore, if the sweater needs to be pulled over their head, it can be quite difficult. Zipped or clipped dog sweaters are considered much more convenient. If you’re in a very cold environment, look for sweaters on sale that are with legs or those that feature long sleeve designs. They are much more versatile.

Finally, don’t overlook the sewing and overall quality. It’s better to spend a few extra dollars than to be stuck with a sub-par piece of clothing. 

Concluding thoughts

In the end, we’d like to say that you should prefer buying dog sweaters out of necessity instead of looking at it like it’s a style attribute. Thus, the colour of it, whether it’s black, red, yellow, green or mixed – does not matter all that much. It’s the convenience and the function that it serves what is most important. We have listed the Top 8 dog sweaters for 2021 that you can choose from. Whether you live with a boy or girl dog, you will be able to find the right choice on our list!

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