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Best Small Dog Nail Grinders 2021

small dog nail grinders
Written by Robert Lewis

In the world of small puppies, care and grooming are very essential. People without dogs in their lives might think that only a large puppy can demand a lot of care, but reality can be quite the opposite. Small dog breeds and smaller pooches might require a great deal of attention. So, in everyday life – the size of the breed has no correlation with the attention needed. With that being said, all small dogs are much more sensitive, fragile and delicate when compare to someone like a Shepheard or a Rottie. This is why it is essential to select the best devices for care and grooming so that the pooch can feel as little stress during a process like nail grinding. Let’s focus on it, and let’s look at which small dog nail grinders are the best and why?

Top 10 picks for small dogs

  1. Luckytail claw grinding device 
  2. Dremel Paw Control 
  3. Casfuy upgraded dog nail grinder
  4. J-Bonest 
  5. isYoung dog nail grinder 
  6. GINDOLY dog nail clippers 
  9. Cornair Pro 
  10. MPP dog nail trimmer 

How to choose the best dog grinder for small dogs?

1 – Noise level has to be low

Nail grinding/trimming for all pets can be quite a chore. Probably the most difficult obstacle arises during the start when the pup hears the device whirring and can seem jumpy, scared or shocked to be near it. This is why manufacturers go out of their way to make these devices as quiet as possible. So, the first thing to factor in is the noise level. A good pet nail trimmer will be super quiet. 

2 – The best trimmer shouldn’t necessarily cost a fortune

Even though proper pet grooming isn’t entirely free, even if you do it by yourself, this does not mean that you should overspend when buying a nail trimmer for a small dog. Usually, the best devices will be reasonably priced. 

3 – Even if it’s for a small puppy, it should grind effectively 

Small dogs can have tough and gritty nails/claws, this is a fact. Some grinders are labelled as suitable for smaller breeds while in fact they are called so because of a weak or slowly rotating motor. This can’t be the case with a good grinder because you need to grind efficiently and shouldn’t waste hours on this task.

4. – Look for nail grinder for small dogs with overwhelmingly positive customer reviews

Customer reviews or to be precise – positive customer reviews can help determine the best choice for you. They should describe the convenience of the device, what’s to like and not like about it, the design, etc. So, look for reviews on Amazon or elsewhere on neutral websites.

Our Top 10 Picks:

1. Luckytail claw grinding device – arguably the best nails grinder for small dogs for sale today 
luckytail claw grinding device


  • Whisper quiet even when in the most powerful setting
  • Suitable for professionals
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can be used with both small and large dog breeds


  • Literally none

2. Dremel Paw Control – a convenient and very versatile device
Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer


  • Not too loud and the doggy can adapt quickly
  • Light & very portable
  • Can be used with many accessories
  • 45-degree paw guide for optimal trimming


  • Requires some experience to use properly

3. Casfuy upgraded dog nail grinder – a quality choice for small dogs
Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder


  • Affordable
  • Painless grooming if it’s in the right hands
  • Adjustable multi-speed device
  • High-capacity battery


  • Definitely not as quiet as advertised

4. J-Bonest – an affordable and capable trimmer for small breeds 
J-Bonest Powerful Dog Nail Grinder


  • Reasonably priced
  • Not too loud
  • Comes with accessories
  • Simple to use


  • Lots of dust and grind should be used with a mask
  • Takes quite a while to grind all paws

5. isYoung dog nail grinder – may be just a bit too simple 
isYoung Dog Nail Grinder


  • Affordable
  • Reaches speeds up to 8k RPM
  • 3 ports for different animal sizes and nail grittiness 


  • Isn’t as quiet as the best units in the market
  • Doesn’t offer high precision grinding

6. GINDOLY dog nail clippers – cheap and quiet


  • One of the cheaper devices out there
  • Has a helpful LCD screen
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • A quite low customer rating on Amazon 
  • The silent motors seem to be lacking in power

7. TINGHAO dog nail grinder – an affordable model with professional grinding accessories 
TINGHAO Dog Nail Grinder


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Many different accessories come as standard


  • Mixed customer reviews on Amazon
  • Average build quality

8. AKKTOL – a versatile grinder with a capable battery
AKKTOL Dog Nail Grinder


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Has a rechargeable battery
  • Many different accessories come as standard


  • Mixed customer reviews on Amazon
  • Not the most precise grinder out there

9. Cornair Pro – different looking device, very professional and precise 


  • One of the best solutions for an experienced groomer 
  • Lightweight and won’t tire the hand
  • Package includes other grinders (finishing stones) and grinding bands


  • Is corded, so has limited mobility
  • Difficult to get the best of if you’re new
  • Far from being a silent and sensitive grinder – might scare some pooches 

10. MPP dog nail trimmer – a versatile grinder with a capable battery
MPP Dog Nail Trimmer Safety Grinder


  • Works reasonably quietly
  • Two speeds (normal and turbo power)
  • Cordless


  • Quite expensive when compared to others on the list
  • A new device with only a few reviews 
  • Not the most ergonomic design

Verdict on the best small dog nail grinder

Let’s conclude the TOP 10 list by giving a thorough summary from an expert’s point of view. We’ll shortlist the most essential features which separate the best dog nail grinders for small breeds out there. We’ll also list the device which we consider the best and which we recommend to you!

Currently, small dog owners have a lot of unique options out there. We recommend starting by looking for a reputable brand. Skim through or thoroughly read product reviews to easily spot devices, appreciated by consumers just like you. Marketing material is one thing and can differ from real-world user experiences. Testimonies will paint a more accurate picture. 

Probably the second most important feature to look for is grinder quietness. All pups are sensitive, but small breeds can be extremely sensitive and have delicate nails. This is why you want a quiet device that won’t scare your family member nor take too long to get accustomed to. Furthermore, adjustable speed is a huge plus.

Now factor in the price. Some devices are more expensive than others. We don’t recommend overpaying for the grinder because the best-rated dog nail grinders for sale cost fairly similar with the differences in price being fairly marginal.

Verdict: LuckyTail is the best dog nail grinder for sale out today and successfully edges out the competition. This device works great with small and little puppies. It’s supremely quiet, even when turned on full. It’s also well built. The LuckyTail works as a cordless dog nail grinder and checks all the right boxes. Your animal will definitely appreciate it. The reviews just confirm it.

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