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How to Stop Dog’s Nails From Bleeding: 5 Best Ways

how to stop dogs nail from bleeding
Written by Robert Lewis

Dog toenail injuries are fairly common. In fact, if you haven’t experienced this issue with your puppy, you’re a lucky dog owner! However, if you’ve been in this situation before and panicked, we know how you feel. Going through all that horror can make you want to stay away from trimming your puppy’s nails for life! But don’t worry! The five best ways to stop the bleeding that we’ll reveal will help you become a dog nail clipping professional!

Stopping the Bleeding of Dogs’ Toenails

Seeing your beloved pup bleed from a toenail can be a shocking experience. The pet will get agitated and start whining in pain, leaving you afraid and wondering how to help them fast. In this situation, the best way to help your dog is knowing how to react and which remedies to use. While we hope this never happens to your dog, our guidelines will teach you what to do if it does.

What Should I Do Immediately After Dog Toenail Bleeding?

A dog’s nail may bleed after an accidental injury or nail clipping mishaps where the nail quick gets injured. If this happens, you should remain calm. Although your pup might be bleeding a lot, you should know that the injury is probably minor. If the dog starts running and whining, be patient, and wait for them to calm down. In the meanwhile, you could give them treats. If the dog got hurt outside, you could also wash the injured paw with soapy water. Once your canine companion relaxes, use a blood coagulant to stop the bleeding.

  • Styptic powder is a powerful coagulant that quickly constricts blood vessels to reduce bleeding. Its main ingredient, ferric subsulfate, clots the blood and stops the bleeding in minutes. The powder also has analgesic properties and reduces pain soon after an injury. However, you’ll need to hold your pup firmly because the substance will sting them at first. To apply, put ½ teaspoon of the powder in your hand, gently press the nail into it, and hold it for about a minute.
  • Homemade remedies can help stop nail bleeding as well. They’re the first to use on a bleeding wound if there’s no styptic powder around the house. Cornstarch, baking powder, and moistened tea bags are popular homemade blood coagulants to use in this situation. However, you can also apply flour, witch hazel, petroleum jelly, and baking powder to your pup’s wound.
  • A styptic pencil is also good for treating a nail with an injured quick. It’s portable, clots blood similarly to styptic powder, and helps the spot heal fast. However, it may sting the dog more than styptic powder, and people usually avoid using it. To use it, wash the nail, wet the pencil’s tip, and press the nail against it.
  • Soap is great to apply on minor cuts and saves the day when you’re really low on other blood coagulants. Antibacterial and fragrance-free soap works best for a pup’s wounded quick. Simply grab the bar of soap and slowly run the nail across its surface. Use gentle movements not to hurt the doggie.
  • If none of the above works, you can also use a bandage wrap. This way, you’ll apply enough pressure on the wounded area and possibly stop the bleeding. A wrap will also prevent infections and keep your dog from licking the injury. Wrapping around the ankle and down to the injured spot is best for keeping the gauze in place.

Other Supplies to Have On Hand

Stopping nail bleeding during trimming is more stressful than preventing it. With the right tools, prevention is definitely possible.

The Resco 747 Jumbo nail clippers are great for larger dogs.
Resco 747 Jumbo
They’re durable and have a built-in spring to make cutting your pup’s nails effortless. Once their cutting blades get dull, they’re easy to replace. By purchasing a pair of these dog nail clippers, you’ll add a long-lasting, portable tool to your dog care package.

Although we like the Resco clippers, we prefer the LuckyTail claw grinding device.
luckytail claw grinding device
This whisper-quiet, chargeable tool is designed in the USA and is great for large and small dog breeds. You can also use it for your cats, bunnies, and guinea pigs! Because of how it works, this dog nail grinder makes it near impossible for you to cut a nail’s quick. Its ultralight vibration won’t stress your pet and will make those nail sessions effortless! This grinder is currently at a discount, so don’t hesitate to get one now!


Because canines are very active, it’s essential to learn how to stop a dog nail bleeding. However, it is also important to know what to do if the bleeding doesn’t stop. The remedies we covered will act quickly, but you should call a vet if the bleeding continues after 20-30 minutes. Talking to a veterinarian is also crucial if you notice any complications with the nail days after the injury.

While your furry friend is hurting, they will need a lot of love and attention. You can spoil them by letting them eat some treats, for example. It’s also very important for the doggie to rest while wounded. Applying pressure on the injured nail while it’s healing will leave the pup in pain and possibly make the nail bleed. Therefore, take good care of your furry buddy!

How to Trim Dog’s Nails to Avoid Bleeding

Taking care of your pup’s nails properly is what can prevent dog nail injuries. If you want to do this at home, you’ll need to be patient with your pup. If it’s the first time you’re trimming your furry friend’s nails, they need to get comfortable with the trimming experience. You holding their paws can make them nervous, and so can the sound of the clippers/grinders. It’s essential to familiarize the pup with the process first. Once the dog is ready, you should find the nail quick and trim small nail bits slowly. For more information on how to trim dog nails, you can check out this article: How to Trim Or Grind Dog Nails: Tips & Tricks

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