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The 10 Best Cat Harnesses of 2021

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Written by Robert Lewis

Cats are very independent and that’s a huge reason why we love them so much. However, that independence can cause some trouble or heartbreak, and in fact does, to probably thousands of people every year. Their cats simply run away. This is why people should be interested in walking leashes and getting a decent cat harness which they can’t get out of. Running away isn’t the only issue. When you’re outside, merely walking or relaxing with your kitty, you don’t want it getting jumpy and running astray. This is also why best cat harnesses should concern you. Here’s a list of the TOP 10 best ones available on Amazon. 

Top 10 list of best cat harnesses of 2021 – short reviews, pros & cons

  1. The Rabitgoo harness + leash for walking – top-rated escape-proof buy for cats

If you want maximum security for yourselves and for kittens in your care or home, choose the Rabitgoo harness+leash. Thanks to reinforced stitching and adjustable sizing, it will fit your pet perfectly and keep him/her safe without any unnecessary discomfort.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in different sizes (highly adjustable)
  • Breathable yet reinforced, also very durable
  • You can choose from 7 different colours
  • A convenient clip to fit in leash 


  • It can take a while to properly fit your kitty into it
  1. PUPTECK – a great choice, especially for small cats 

The PUPTECK harness + leash is an affordable pick that you can get online. Its primary pro is the great compatibility with small cats. It’s also great for kittens of a very young age and smaller pets. 


  • Low price
  • Decent quality
  • Escape proof
  • Made from thick, robust nylon


  • Harder to make a large cat comfortable while wearing it 
  1. Supet – a way to keep your pet safe comes with great reviews 

The first thing that lets us know that the Supet is a good quality harness is that it has a bright reflective tape to keep your cat safer during dark. There are four different sizes to choose from (which isn’t a great plus), but the Supet is durable and great for walking with your pet.


  • Reflective tape for safety during dark
  • Easily adjustable
  • Breathable
  • Clips on tight but won’t cause too much discomfort.


  • Four different sizes mean you might need to buy a new harness when your cat grows
  1. DMISOCHR harness + leash set – a soft jacket-like environment-friendly choice with its own pros & cons 

As ads suggest, the DMISOCHR (hard to pronounce, we know) is made from eco-friendly materials. It’s also breathable, the neck and chest gaps have tons of room for adjustment while the nylon leash reduces abruptness in motions from both the pet and the person.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Highly-adjustable
  • One of the best cat harnesses for training
  • Has a reflective line to help see your kitty in the dark


  • Not too many reviews on Amazon – unproven product
  • Some owners claim the buckle is slightly too tight
  1. Two-sized harness and leash – no brand? No problem. 

Even though there’s no brand on this product, it definitely has some great perks going for it. Aside from the few downsides, this is a great choice for small, medium-sized and large kittens.


  • Has trim that glows at night
  • Made from light, breathable mesh
  • Great for travelling and for hiking 
  • Super simple to fit and adjust


  • Not one-size-fits-all
  • Design is mediocre at best
  1. Nomoypet – heavy duty harness

This particular product is suited for cats and small pups. It’s very robust and definitely escape-proof. However, 


  • Very good reviews
  • Affordable
  • Trim which glows in the dark
  • Leashes can be easily attached


  • Breathability seems more like a gimmick
  • Harder to make your kitty feel comfortable with it
  1. KOOLTAIL – somewhat a vest, kind of a harness

If you want to give your kitty a more serious look, the KOOLTAIL will turn him or her into a SWAT kitty. Because this particular harness looks more like a tactical bulletproof vest, it has some amazing features, but appearances can be deceiving


  • Reflective parts
  • Heavy-duty construction, super robust
  • Escape proof


  • Quality of materials can slightly disappoint
  • Good but not great reviews
  1. AWOOF – fits dogs and cats

The name instantly suggests that it’s primarily a dog harness. And you’re right, it’s much more robust and durable than regular cat harnesses. However, it makes it harder to make your cat feel comfortable in it.


  • Webbing that glows in the dark
  • Very popular with both small cats and large cat breeds
  • Neatly branded


  • There is a huge dog logo on the front
  • Some parts could be better made
  1. JOYO – very suitable for walking

If we had to pinpoint an area where the JOYO shines best – it would definitely be walking. However, other features leave for something to be desired. 


  • Breathable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to attach a leash


  • Velcro isn’t nowhere near the best option for size adjustment 
  • One-size-won’t fit all.
  1. SCIROKKO – cool print for a large cool cat

The design will definitely catch your eye. It’s good that when you choose to buy a flashy and more extravagant harness, you also get a lot of substance to support those good looks. However, at the same time – it’s only good for relaxed activities during the day, no hiking or explorations at night time. 


  • Awesome design
  • Decent price


  • Low room for adjustments
  • Looks are its best feature

Cat harness features to look for when buying

When you’re shopping for a cat harness, here are the features you should look for.

How it fits. Make sure your cat can be tightly secured in place without causing discomfort for him or her. It can hurt your kitty or make them very aggravated when you’ll try to go training or consider taking them for hiking, etc.

Harness compatibility. Can you fit a leash onto it with ease? Is the clip easily accessible and will your cat get tangled up in the leash? 

Protection. Glowing strips are great but so are retractable leashes, bells, and pockets for trackers, etc. Try to combine as much protection into your choice.

Looks. This feature shouldn’t be overlooked. Even if it’s not the most important, the best cat harnesses could and should look good. There are “H”, “K” or other-shaped jacket/harness types, so choose wisely.

Build quality. Good harnesses for outdoors do have no escape features. They’re made from sturdier materials and can withstand a lot longer. Stitching should be even and strong so stitches in the vest won’t tear apart when larger cat breeds move or pull with force. Silicone, mesh, plastic, metal and all other materials should be top notch if you want what’s best for your kittens. 

Price. Most cat harnesses on Amazon are evenly or similarly priced. This means that you should factor in the aforementioned points and choose the best-overall cat harness.

Final thoughts

In the end, the choice also depends on what you want to do with your cat. Whether the harness is for walking, for travelling or for other activities, the best choice can vastly differ. There are tons of great harnesses you can buy for your cat on Amazon and elsewhere online. Make sure to look for good quality products at a reasonable price. Search for harnesses with extra features and accessories, like a retractable leash, reflective trim, etc. Don’t forget to size the collar and chest, and pick the right size as most products have different-sized models for small cats and large cats. 

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