The 10 Best Cat Tunnels of 2021 (Review)

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Written by Robert Lewis

Cat tunnel is a great and exciting purchase for your pet. It will provide an environment where he or she can play indoor and spend a lot of exciting time either resting and napping or moving through the tunnel quickly. They are a complementary purchase to something like cat trees or similar tous. However, cat tunnels are also great for small puppies, rabbits, even guinea pigs, hamsters and other house pets. Some of them are super easy to unfold and fold, and they aren’t dangerous in any way. A tunnel will only entertain you and your pet. So, since there are quite a few reasons why cat tunnels are a cool toy, here is a list of the 10 best cat tunnels of 2021. 

The Top 10 List

  1. Tempcore Cat Tunnel
  2. Kitty City Pop Up Tube
  3. Pawaboo Cat Tunnel
  4. Pawz 
  5. Kitty City Tunnel Bed
  6. Primst Collapsible
  7. SmartyKat
  8. LUCKITTY Collapsible Toy Tunnel
  9. N/Y Cat Tunnel with a plush ball
  10. Dezi & Roo Hide and Sneak

The TOP 10 cat tunnels reviews

  1. Tempcore Cat Tunnel – amazing for outdoors and indoor play

The Tempcore Cat Tunnel is great not just por cats, but also for other small pets, like puppies, bunnies, etc. It is made from quality materials, ensuring that it won’t deform quickly. There is a ball at the end to keep your cat occupied as well. You can even put it outside – out on the terrace or the yard. Overall – many pros, very little downside.


  • Decent size – big enough for large cats
  • Great price
  • Made from quality polyester
  • Has a plush red ball at one end
  • Some models are even machine-washable
  • Collapsible & portable


  • Lacks durability
  1. Kitty City Pop Up Tube – good big tunnel for large cats or bigger pets
    kitty city

This cat tunnel is one of the largest in the market. Your furry friend will have a lot of opportunities to play and interact with the surrounding environment. You can play peek-a-boo or chase while the pet can interact with the heart-shaped toy on one end or the jingle ball toy on the other.


  • Great for bigger cats
  • Can act as a cat house
  • One of the best-rated cat tunnels on Amazon
  • Connects with extensions and Kitty City cubes
  • Good build-quality


  • Possibly bland design and its sheer size makes it difficult to fit in smaller homes
  1. Pawaboo Cat Tunnel – a massive five-way tunnel

Due to its size, just like the Kitty Cat Pop Up Tube, the Pawaboo Cat Tunnel is an exciting prospective in a large apartment or a home. However, the massive scale of almost 35 inches across makes it not too easy to fit. On the other hand, you have tons of redeeming factors that your feline pet will love. Lot’s of space to play and move around in, ball & bell for interaction and an easy fold & unfold mechanism. 


  • Great for bigger cats
  • Huge and immersive for the cat
  • Made from durable polyester taffeta
  • Convenient for its size
  • Unique colour-combo


  • Size can be a disadvantage
  1. Pawz – play on the wild side

One of the most attractive things in the cat world is the fur/skin print of Leopards and the large wild cats. The PAWZ cat tunnel is coloured with a wild cat print. It’s also long, wide and solidly built. We recommend it as one of the best single-tunnel options out there.


  • Price
  • Long with peek-a-boo holes
  • Good build quality
  • Large opening
  • Great reviews


  • Huge length can be a downside
  • Some can consider design a bit over the top
  1. Kitty City Tunnel Bed – a two in one solution
    kitty cityy

The Kitty City Tunnel Bed is kind of the best of both worlds. When you set it up, your cat will not only have a tunnel to play in, but a bed to rest and sleep in. There’s also a plaid cat tunnel bed version with plush entryway covering. 


  • Great for outdoors
  • High quality materials
  • Same model has different variations and tents available – the latter is even better for outside use
  • Huge playing area


  • Quite pricey
  • Zippers tend to get stuck or degrade quickly
  1. Primst Collapsible – a plush, suede cat tunnel

The unique thing about this product is that it is made from suede, so its soft and more pleasant to touch, when compared to regular polystyrene tunnels. It will also emit a lot less sound when cats are toying around inside. 


  • Soft
  • Aesthetic and fits in most homes
  • Can be combined with tunnels of the same diameter
  • Collapsible and lightweight


  • Only a one-sided tunnel
  • Some people and owners just don’t like the feel of suede
  1. SmartyKat – cheap, connectable and simple cat tunnel choice for indoor play

SmartyKat is a very affordable cat tunnel. The cost is probably its best feature. However, when compared to the Tempcore Cat Tunnel or any other three-way or more complex structure, it really can lack excitement. However, some accessories or other styles of the product can ramp up the excitement by quite a bit.


  • Super low-price
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Great for solo play
  • Safe


  • Only a one-way tunnel
  • Material quality could be better
  1. LUCKITTY – exciting design and flashy colours

The LUCKITTY is a colourful 47-inch long cat tunnel. There are two holes that cut right through the wall and two large entryways, one of which is decorated with a play-to fluffy ball.


  • Price
  • Colours
  • Soft & Plush on the outside
  • Ball to play with at the end


  • Inside material quality is average at best
  • Sprung steel frame isn’t the most durable
  1. N/Y Cat Tunnel with a plush ball – super playful
    nyCat Tunnel with a plush ball

This cat tunnel is very light, colourful and exciting. However, the material quality inside and outside is average, at best. The colours could be a pro but they’re also a con because this tunnel is very noticeable in any environment so it will always draw attention. You can fold it into shapes for maximum excitement for your pet. 


  • Affordable
  • Foldable
  • Colourful design


  • Average build quality at best
  • The frame can be easily deformed
  1.  Dezi & Roo Hide and Sneak – a cardboard collapsible tunnel
    dezi roo

You can look at this entertaining tunnel from two perspectives. From one size, you can make one like this as a DIY project in half of a day. However, you can save the headache and buy the one that’s for sale on Amazon. Surprisingly, as of the end of 2021, this is one of the best-rated cat tunnels of this year. However, it leaves a lot to be desired, especially after a comparison with the other choices.


  • Price
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Collapsible


  • You can make one at home by yourself
  • Not durable at all

How to pick out the best cat tunnel for your pet?

So, to find the best possible cat tunnel, you need to be aware of a few things and factors that should and will impact your purchase. Here are those things and factors.

Size and type. As you saw in the TOP 10 list of the cat tunnels, many of them are shaped differently. Three, four or even five-way tunnels are great fun for the cat and can offer more excitement, but as a rule, they’re almost always a lot bigger than one or two-way options. Thus, you need to find a compromise between your home space and comfort for the cat.

Versatility and mobility. A versatile cat tunnel is one that you can fold and move on demand. Zipped enclosures also fall into the category. If the tunnel is heavy and you can’t fold it on demand, it’s going to be difficult putting it to use. 

Price and build quality. Merely going for the most expensive product around is not the right option. Try to find the silver lining between a low price and the best quality. As standard, the best products, whether it be a cat tower, a cat tunnel or anything else for that matter, should offer the best bang for your buck. Avoid cheap polystyrene or units with weak carcasses.  

Accessories. A chewy ball, additional tubing or section, etc.


In the end, you won’t miss the target if you choose to buy the Tempcore Cat Tunnel or the Kitty City Pop Up Tube. Remember to factor in the size of the cat tunnel, its versatility, pricing and what accessories come with it to make the best decision about your purchase. If you do that, your furry pet will be happy and in turn – so will you!

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