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The 10 Best Electric Dog Nail Grinders of 2021

Electric Dog Nail Grinders
Written by Robert Lewis

If you’re a dog owner, you know how challenging it can be to keep up with your pooch’s nails growth. Good nail health is paramount for physical well-being. Using a nail grinder instead of clippers will do wonders for your dog. It is vital to find a dog nail grinder that works well for you, offers the results you are looking for, and fits your dog’s needs and yours. Nail grinders have been popular with groomers for a long time. They don’t squeeze the nail like old-fashioned clippers do and offer an easy way to get a nice close nail trim every time. Grinders allow you to gently file down your dog’s nails without risking cutting the quick or slipping and cutting their paw pads by mistake. They also help keep you and your dog safe; you’ve no doubt seen a pup or two pulling their paws away or biting at people trying to restrain them for a nail trim. Well, there is none of that with a nail grinder. There is just you and your furry friend, getting things done in the comfort of your own home.

With that said, grinders provide for stress-free nail maintenance for both you and your pet. Forget about your pup cowering or hiding like they do when you bring out the clippers. And, for that matter, YOU don’t have to panic about using that archaic torture instrument either! There are no trips to the groomer, no extra costs, no anxiety for your dog. Besides, cutting out unnecessary travel and avoiding unwanted contact with lots of strangers is a big plus these days. A grinder is an essential piece of equipment if you plan to either take care of your dog’s nails at home or do regular maintenance between professional nail trims at the vet’s office.

Nowadays, there is a myriad of efficient nail grinders on the market, and shopping for one, especially online, can be quite overwhelming. It’s essential to get well acquainted with the specifications before making a final decision. What features make the best grinder for you? Do you need a wireless option, or is a wired one just fine? Do you have to get the most expensive alternative, or will a cheaper one suffice? Does your dog need a quiet device, or is noise not a concern? So much of what goes into choosing the perfect grinder to accommodate your particular demands is personal. It depends entirely on you and your dog and what makes you both comfortable.

So, what is the best dog nail grinder? You might ask. Well, to put it simply, there is no right or wrong here. There are many factors to take into consideration. That’s why we have formulated the ultimate list ranking the best dog nail grinders of 2021. We did all the hard work so that you don’t have to! Our experts have culled all the nail grinders on the market down to the top 10. We compared price points, extra features, and add-ons. You’ll find the full scoop when it comes to wired vs. wireless, noise level, and more. Read on for our sorted list, the reviews behind our standards, and more details about the nail care needs of different dogs’ sizes.

Our Top 10 Best Picks

  1.  LuckyTail Claw Grinding Device ($39.95)
  2.  Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer ($47.11)
  3.  Casfuy Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder ($29.99)
  4.  J-Bonest Powerful Dog Nail Grinder ($22.59)
  5.  isYoung Dog Nail Grinder ($18.99)
  6.  GINDOLY Dog Nail Clippers ($25.59)
  7.  TINGHAO Dog Nail Grinder ($21.99)
  8.  AKKTOL Dog Nail Grinder ($18.52)
  9.  ConairPRO Dog & Cat Professional Corded Nail Grinder ($30.00)
  10.  MPP Dog Nail Trimmer Safety Grinder ($99.89)

What is a Dog Nail Grinder?

Dog nail grinders are a gentle, pain-free alternative to nail clippers. Unlike their manual counterpart, which tends to squeeze and can shatter your pup’s delicate nails, grinders leave a smooth and professional-looking finish. They have a rotating head covered in sandpaper-like material and do just what their name implies: they grind your dog’s nails down.

Because nail grinders are electric or battery-operated, they work quickly. They are generally safe when used correctly, and most high-quality vet-grade ones have a safety guard that keeps you from filing your dog’s nails down too far. Whereas clippers can catch the quick and cause pain and bleeding, there is no such danger with nail grinders. When your dog’s nails are too long, they often require frequent trimming to get the quick to recede. With a nail grinder, you can work on your pup’s nails a little at a time at your own convenience. Most nail grinders can fit multiple bands, so you can personalize the grinding experience if you have different sized dogs. These useful add-ons also have various textures, meaning you can customize the grinder for thick nails, thin nails, and everything in between. 

As a responsible pet owner, you should make sure to attend to your dog’s nails every few weeks. Missing a trim or grinding not only isn’t good for your dog, but it’s also bad for you and your house. Too-long nails can cause pain for your dog. Nails that are so long that they curl over can actually grow into or puncture the paw pads, causing sores and infection. Long nails can get caught in blankets, rugs, and upholstery. They can scratch and gouge floors and furniture. And who hasn’t yelped in pain as Fido enthusiastically tries climbing up on your legs for a pat on the head? Dogs who walk, run, and play on pavement will not need as much attention to their nails because the cement acts as an abrasive surface and helps keep nails short. On the other hand, pups who only walk on grass and dirt will need more frequent trimming. Long nails can also lead to trouble walking and even future joint problems.

When purchasing a grinder, you’ll need to take a few factors into account:

  1. The first is weight and size. A grinder can be much easier to manipulate than clippers. However, it is crucial to choose one that you can handle comfortably. One that is too bulky or too heavy will make it harder to use it safely. You might end up hurting yourself or your furry friend if you don’t take this into consideration.
  2. The second factor is whether you want a cordless option or a wired one. Cordless grinders are portable and easier to use, but wired ones tend to be more powerful and lighter. However, the latter can play against you, and a nervous dog can get tangled on the cord, potentially breaking it or hurting themselves.
  3. The third factor is how much noise it makes. Many dogs are startled or afraid of the noise and vibrations. In these cases, a quiet grinder may be better. The good news is that you can desensitize your dog to the sound over time so that even an anxious pup should eventually warm up to the process—however, the less noise, the better for your furry pal’s ultra-sensitive hearing. 

There are a few caveats when it comes to using a grinder instead of clippers, however. There is no guarantee that your dog will like you grinding their nails any more than they like you clipping them. If the grinder you choose doesn’t have a safety guard, it is still possible to grind a little too much. You could bump the quick or hit a soft nerve, causing pain and bruising. Make sure to work slowly and carefully, and only take a tiny bit of the nail with each pass. Take breaks to let the grinder and your pup’s nails cool off because the friction throws off heat. Grinding can also create dust and give off an odor. That’s why you should always try to do it outside or in a well-ventilated area and wearing a mask to avoid breathing in the dust. This measure will also keep your home and furniture clean.

More Information on Our Top 10 Picks

  1. The LuckyTail Claw Grinding Device is the best dog nail grinder on our list.
    luckytail claw grinding device
    What makes LuckyTail top dog is that it is a versatile nail grinder at a mid-range price. $39.95 is a steal for a high-quality device suitable for use on dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more. The LuckyTail is ultra-quiet, coming in between 30 and 50 decibels, making it the quietest of all the options on our list. The LuckyTail also has a low vibration rate, making it perfect to use with anxious pups. It comes with a detachable grinding wheel for easy cleaning. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, it features a safety guard to avoid injuries to your furry pal’s paws. Plus, it is made with 100% pet-safe ABS plastic to prevent causing long-term health issues other materials would. Three-way grinding leaves your dog with smooth, short nails. LuckyTail is so confident in the superior quality of their grinder that they offer to replace it, give you your money back, or do whatever it takes to make it right should you not be satisfied with their product. Customers give the LuckyTail rave reviews, with five stars and happy paws all around. Your furry kid will be walking pretty after their nail treatment with the LuckyTail. This top tier grinder is cordless and rechargeable and has a USB charger for easy grab-and-go power-up in your car or computer. It is a dual-speed tool that gets four hours of use out of one hour of charging time. You can read more on this in our article about “Best Cordless and Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinders.” 
  2. Our second pick is the Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer.
    Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer
    This brand has become synonymous with hand-held grinding additaments. Adding this pet nail grooming tool to their product range is impressive indeed. However, it’s more expensive than the LuckyTail, at $47.11. It has nine interchangeable grinding bits that are easy to switch out, allowing you to customize it and use it on more than one breed of dog without difficulty. The Dremel is cordless, with a rechargeable 4-volt lithium-ion battery and a USB charger. This tool is helpful for groomers and beginners alike; novices can use the nail guard, and experienced groomers can free-hand with the simple grinding tool. Charging time is just shy of three hours, and run-time per charge is variable based on several factors. The Dremel has mostly positive reviews, but there are concerns with international charging adaptability. Regarding safety, the Dremel has a 45-degree nail guard that prevents overenthusiastic grinding and ensures that your pet’s nails are both short and smooth. However, customers question its performance on larger breeds with very thick nails, which doesn’t seem to be an issue with other brands like LuckyTail. You can read our article about “Best Dog Nail Grinders With Guard for more information.
  3. The next alternative on our list is the Casfuy Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder.
    Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder
    This high-end item comes with a reasonable price tag. It is a two-speed device with three different size ports to handle both thick and thin nails on small, medium, and large dogs. The Casfuy grinder is rechargeable by USB port and offers two hours of battery life after plugging it for three hours. The diamond bit grinder is smooth and durable, so you can rest assured that it will stand up to your big dog’s nails no matter what. This gadget is quiet and has low vibration for an anxiety-free experience. It has two speeds to guarantee quick grinding every time. This Casfuy product comes highly recommended, both by professional groomers and veterinarians, for painless and precise nail grinding. Safe, lightweight, and easy to use, the Casfuy Rechargeable Dog Nail Grinder will make you and your dog love grooming sessions!
  4. The J-Bonest Powerful Dog Nail Grinder is a great contender for quietness.
    J-Bonest Powerful Dog Nail Grinder
    The noise level is under 50 decibels, so it is excellent to use on nervous pups or those who bark at every little noise. Step-less speed means that all adjustments are smooth, going from 4500 RPM to 7500 RPM without frightening your furry friend. Budget-friendly at $22.59, this grinder is a powerhouse when it comes to battery life. The easy-to-use and highly portable USB charger provides a whopping 20-hour battery life from a single 3.5-hour charge. This device has three grinding ports for different sized dogs and does have a safety guard. It’s also great for cats! This grinder comes with a dog grooming kit that contains bonus clippers and a nail file, offering more bang for your buck and giving you a range of pedicure options for your pooch. Customers generally love this grinder. However, opposite to what happens with brands like LuckyTail, some users report that while the J-Bonest tool is quiet to them, it seems loud to their dog. Make sure to check out our article on “Best Quiet Dog Nail Grinders” to learn more.
  5. At only $21.99, the isYoung Dog Nail Grinder has slim construction and offers a comfortable grip, which is excellent for pet parents with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other strength or dexterity problems.
    isYoung Dog Nail Grinder
    It has a powerful motor with dual speeds of 7000 RPM and 8000 RPM, but it remains quiet at under 50 decibels. It is rechargeable with a USB cord and has 3 hours of battery life per 3-hour charge. Other features to round out this 4.5-star Amazon-rated nail grinder include a nail guard and LED light for safety, a low vibration frequency, and three grinding ports to support use on all sizes of dogs. One selling point to differentiate the isYoung from the other budget grinders on this list is its manufacturer’s one-year hassle-free warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee. Customers rate this grinder high for its ease of use and quiet motor, though your pup may hear the motor at a higher pitch than you! 
  6. GINDOLY Dog Nail Clippers is a mid-range dog nail grinder with a $25.99 price point.
    This dog nail grinder, which was updated this year, has an LCD screen that allows dog owners to monitor battery usage easily. This feature will help avoid unnecessary charging, which will streamline the grooming process. The battery is rechargeable with a USB cord, and it holds 3 hours of life. The upgraded motor is five times stronger than the old version, with two high-quality, professional trim speeds. It is quiet and has a low vibration level to avoid scaring your pooch! Easily customizable with three different size ports and a safety guard, the GINDOLY grinder is excellent for all dow sizes but is especially suitable for bigger ones. The Diamond Bit Grinder technology is vet-recommended and provides for precise and fast grinding.
  7. The TINGHAO Dog Nail Grinder offers four size ports to fit small, medium, and large dogs.
    TINGHAO Dog Nail Grinder
    Besides, it includes a special port just for polishing your pet’s nails, which leaves a nice smooth finish. The $21.99 price tag is surprisingly inexpensive, given it comes with bonus grooming tools, including a nail file, clippers, and a pet hair trimmer. It has a wear-resistant diamond grinding stone, which allows you to easily remove sharp edges from your pup’s nails as well as providing a fast and gentle grinding process. Just be careful not to grind off too much nail. This tool is quiet and lightweight. It is rechargeable with a USB cord, making on-the-go nail trims a possibility. The TINGHAO grinder features an ergonomic design comfortable to hold and equally favorable to lefties and righties.
  8. The AKKTOL Dog Nail Grinder is a remarkably budget-friendly product with an $18.52 price tag.
    AKKTOL Dog Nail Grinder
    It has adjustable and step-less speed regulation for its dual-speed motor, letting you switch from 6300 RPM to 8200 RPM without over-exciting your pets. It has a 20-hour battery life on a 3.5-hour charge and features a USB charger. It is easy to take on the go as long as you can access a power bank or a wall or car charger. It has three ports for diamond bit grinders and comes equipped with a nail guard for safety. This product will work for small dogs, big dogs, and all sorts of nail thicknesses and hardness. This device is quiet, with a noise level under 45 decibels. The AKKTOL grinder gets rave reviews, though it is heavier than our other choices. If you have limited strength and agility, then this grinder may be too hard to handle.
  9. The ConairPRO Dog & Cat Professional Corded Nail Grinder is a vet-quality device at a steal of a price.
    At an even $30.00, this is the only corded contender to make our list. While the wire makes it more challenging to use on the go, the inconvenience does have one main advantage: there is no charging time! Just plug and trim! This gadget has an adjustable nail guard for safety in grinding different sized dogs nails. This feature is removable, but leaving it on helps keep the dust away from your floors and furniture. The grinder comes with four replacement bands and two interchangeable polishing stones for an incredibly smooth finish. This single-speed grinder runs at 7500 RPM, and is extremely quiet. For this reason, it’s great to use on highly nervous pets. Customers report that this item is compact and lightweight, making it easy to hold and a breeze to use.
  10. The MPP Dog Nail Trimmer Safety Grinder is a deluxe device that is well worth the hefty price tag.
    MPP Dog Nail Trimmer Safety Grinder
    The most expensive grinder on our list, but for good reasons! It has a safety guard and a rechargeable battery for your convenience. It also boasts dual-speed performance, with normal (6500 RPM) and turbo (7400) speeds. The motor is whisper-quiet at both rates and is sure not to frighten your pet. This grinder comes with both a grinding wheel and a finishing stone, which allows for an ultra-smooth, professional puppy pedicure. 

All of these nail grinders are great picks for you and your pooch. Each item on our list shines in its own way. However, our overall top pick for the best dog nail grinder of 2021 is the LuckyTail Claw Grinding Device. LuckyTail gets high ratings from pets and pet parents alike for its quiet motor with low vibration rate, versatility, and battery life. It is a high-quality product with many outstanding features for an affordable price, and it comes highly recommended by veterinarians. All of these factors contribute to making the LuckyTail Claw Grinding Device a superior choice for all of your pet nail needs.

Large Dog Nail Grinders

Large dogs often have different nail care needs than small dogs. Their nails are frequently thicker, larger, and stronger. These characteristics can be useful for digging and walking, but not so good when you want to trim their nails. Clippers can make your large dog’s nails shatter and splinter, and they can cause pain for your pooch. Jagged nail edges can catch and snag on carpets, blankets, upholstery, and even dog beds, causing further injury to nails and even paws or joints. Grinders are much better alternatives, but you have to be sure to select one that can handle your dog’s thicker, harder nails.

Many of the options on our Top 10 offer three different port sizes, allowing for large dog owners and small dog owners to use the same product. However, be sure that the motor can handle the extra effort it takes to grind those tougher nails down. Be sure to look at speed settings as a higher one is better for large dogs. You’ll also want to have extra grinding wheels or diamond heads handy because larger breeds put more wear and tear on those tools. Extremely large dogs may need specialty products made specifically for their nails’ size, shape, and hardness.

For large dogs, most of the grinders on this list should work great. We especially recommend the LuckyTail Claw Grinding Device, the AKKTOL Dog Nail Grinder, the Rexipets Dog Nail Grinder Clipper, and the Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer. For more information, you can read our article about “Best Large Dog Nail Grinders.” 

Small Dog Nail Grinders

Small dogs may have tiny, needle-like nails instead of the thick nails of larger dogs. However, that doesn’t mean that their fine nails are any easier to care for. Small breeds have little paws, which means you’ll have less surface area to work with when grinding their nails. If your little friend has dark claws, you’ll want a grinder with an LED light on it. Lights increase both safety and visibility while grinding to ensure that you don’t hurt your fuzzy baby.

Small paws are often more sensitive, so you need to avoid hitting the quick and surrounding soft nerves. That’s why it is imperative for you to choose a grinder with a safety guard attachment and that you use it every time you grind your small dog’s nails, no exceptions. It is way too easy to grind off way too much inadvertently. For that reason, we recommend that you use slower speeds and smaller grinding ports when grinding. If your dog is anxious, pick one of our whisper-quiet grinder selections.

Just because your furry friend is small doesn’t mean their nails need less attention than a larger dog’s. All breeds need a nail trimming every 4-6 weeks. Regular nail care will keep your pup from scratching you, your floors, and your furniture, as well as prevent pain and injury for your pup. We love how versatile the grinders on our list are; any of them would be a fine choice. But for your small dog, we recommend the LuckyTail Claw Grinding Device, J-Bonest Powerful Dog Nail Grinder, and TINGHAO Dog Nail Grinder. For more information, you can read our article about “Best Small Dog Nail Grinders.” 


Dogs need consistent, quality nail care. Neglected nails invariably cause difficulty when walking and can contribute to future joint problems. They might get easily caught on fabric and carpet, causing pain. They can and will scratch you, your floors, and your furniture. Nail clippers seem like a good idea, but taking your pooch to the groomer is costly, and clipping at home is setting you and your dog up for nothing but trauma. Luckily, this is where grinders come to the rescue!

Grinding nails is a low-stress, pain-free option that is easy to do right in your own home. And better yet, you can do it without your vet’s help! But to perform routine at-home nail care, you need to have the right tools. That’s the main reason you should invest in the perfect at-home nail grinder for your pet. And that is where our list of the Top 10 dog mail grinders comes into play.

Our comprehensive guide offers insights and suggestions, prices, and unique features. Some have better battery life or charge time. Some have variable speeds, and still, others have polishing functions or diamond bits for easier grinding and smoother results. The critical features to consider when choosing a dog nail grinder include whether the device is rechargeable, whether it comes with safety features, whether or not the speed is adjustable, how quiet it is, and which dog size it is best for.

Our Top 10 is undoubtedly full of excellent dog nail grinders, but the LuckyTail Claw Grinding Device is by far the one we’d fetch first. An incredible price combined with top ratings from happy dog parents, pets, and veterinarians, lead the reasons we love this grinder. Add on a near-silent motor, little vibration, and the ease of having a cordless device.

With LuckyTail you have a can’t-miss product one click away. Plus, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. On top of all that, they will replace your grinder if it breaks within the first year of use. What’s not to like? Make your pooch happy. No more battling with those awful clippers! Your pet will be genuinely thrilled to have you use the LuckyTail Claw Grinding Device or any of the grinders on our list. 

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