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The 5 best Cat Grass of 2021 (Reviews)

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Written by Robert Lewis

Cat grass. People who are new around cats might be slightly confused as to what this thing is and what exactly does it do. Well, it’s not for playing. Surprisingly enough, cat grass is a type of food/snack for cats that is completely edible and safe to eat. Since they have a natural urge to munch on regular grass, it’s better to give them a safe and nutritious alternative, right? Luckily, lots of companies have developed grasses for cats that have tremendous health benefits. Here is our list of the 5 best cat grass of 2021 with short reviews!

The Top 5 list of best cat grass of 2021

  1. Reclaimed Barnwood Style Planter Wheatgrass Kit
  2. Window Garden – Cat Grass Growing Kit
  3. Cat-A’Bout Multi-Cat
  4. Compostable Cat Grass Grow Bag Kit
  5. Van Ness Cat Oat Garden Kit

Reviews of the 5 best cat grass of 2021

  1. Reclaimed Barnwood Style Planter Wheatgrass Kit – a great decoration plant indoors with tons of nutritional value and health benefits
    Reclaimed Barnwood Style Planter Wheatgrass Kit

Wheat grass is one of the most versatile and well-rounded choices for cats. In general, wheatgrass is considered a ‘superfood’. That’s the name given to a food or a product that’s rich in nutrients and/or vitamins, minerals, etc. and are beneficial to the health of the person or in this case, cat, which is eating it. 

Some of the health benefits of wheat grass for cats include slowing down aging and anything else that comes with ingesting lots of protein & chlorophyll. The latter has all kinds of health benefits that both young and senior kitties can make use of. 

This particular grass product of choice is great and versatile because you can do 3 full plantings. That’s because the seller includes seeds for that much. 


  • Great, versatile nutrition
  • Can be a centrepiece and an edible product
  • Seeds & soil for planting 3 times over are included
  • Planter made in the USA


  • Not the cheapest choice
  1. Window Garden – Cat Grass Growing Kit – playfully designed planter and high-quality cat grass
    Window Garden – Cat Grass Growing Kit

Even from the first glance at the product images on Amazon, there will definitely be some people who are persuaded to stop looking further. And who could blame them. The Window Garden Adorable Kitty pot with soil and seeds is an elegant and beautiful product. There are five unique designs with pretty felines on each one of them. You could get a cartoon lookalike for your pet or go for something that fits well in your interior. There are instructions included in the shipment, so you won’t have to struggle or worry about the planting. The soil itself is just regular wheat grass. 


  • Affordable
  • Chic and cute design
  • Instructions are included
  • It’s mobile and convenient


  • Included is only a minimal amount of soil and seeds
  1. Cat-A’Bout Multi-Cat – a cheap, simple cat grass patch – what more could you need?
    Cat-A’Bout Multi-Cat

One thing about nutritious and healthy cat meals and in general, items and food which is good for cats, that can bother you is the price. Seldom you can find a product in any category which has great benefits on paper and in real life, positive reviews and widespread approval while not costing a fortune. Luckily, the Cat-A’Bout Multi-Cat does tick all the right boxes and is affordable as well. 

You can grow the patch of cat grass in a small, white container. The cat grass itself is very easy to grow and manage, removing any overwhelming hardships that other products can throw onto you. The grass itself is nutritious and low-maintenance. It will grow in one week while requiring very little watering.


  • Cheap
  • Easy to care for
  • Simple to grow
  • Grows quickly


  • Far from the best when it comes to health benefits
  • Compared to the designs of competing products the box/plant pot is meh
  1. Compostable Cat Grass Grow Bag Kit – health-benefiting nutritious meals for kittens in a compostable, eco-friendly bag
    Compostable Cat Grass Grow Bag Kit

It’s always nice to know that the thing you’re buying or choosing to use is not doing anything harmful to the environment and even on the contrary, helping it. Well, this particular cat grass kit is probably the most eco-friendly option in the market that is for sale today. 

The product includes a 3-pack compostable set of bags which has organic grass inside. It’s totally organic natural, completely safe to eat for your pet. Once again, the grass itself is pretty much the same as in most other products on this list. However, the main attribute which is going to persuade most buyers is the eco-friendliness and the organic nature of this product. You can get a single pack for testing or opt for the 3-pack if you are confident in this product or have a positive experience from the past.


  • Grows quickly
  • Organic & natural
  • Arrives in bio-degradable bags
  • Helps the digestive tract


  • Isn’t super-convenient or aesthetically pleasing
  • Cats can easily knock them over
  1. Van Ness Cat Oat Garden Kit – when simple growing is also great news for kittens
    Van Ness Cat Oat Garden Kit

You usually don’t expect to find a good price and lots of benefits in the same place. You usually have to compromise one for the other. However, the Van Ness Cat Oat Garden Kit may just very well aid in throwing that theory out of the window. This plant kit of cat grass rich with organic oats should aid the digestive process of your feline pet. Thus, it is an excellent choice for kittens who suffer from stomach problems or have sensitive tummies. The grass is safe for kittens and for senior cats as well. 


  • Affordable
  • Made in the USA
  • Quite quick to grow
  • Eco-friendly and not too expensive


  • Only slightly above-average reviews on Amazon
  • Aesthetics of the plant pot are sub-par

Do cats really need grass? 

After we listed the 5 best products in this particular niche and we’ve given the links to online sources where to buy the best cat grass, you might be wondering whether cat grass is all that important to your furry pets? In reality, it isn’t vital or super-necessary to the pet and won’t magically make all problems disappear or completely prevent them from appearing, but there are scientifically proven health benefits for kittens that cat grass brings.

Cats love to gnaw and chew regular grass on occasion. However, it isn’t just an instinct. For some reason, particular grass types help with digestion. That is crucial because cats are avid groomers and lick themselves daily. This is their preferred method for grooming, however it causes lots of hair to appear in the GI tract. Grass helps stimulate the digestive system and do what is best for the cat – help eradicate those hairballs.

Does cat grass have any health benefits?

It isn’t just a safe, healthy snack. It is rich with microelements and nutrients that help strengthen the immune system and the entire body. There are slightly different types of cat grass, with those that contain oats and wheat grass being the most sought-after options.

The health benefits of wheat cat grass are predominantly down to the huge amounts of chlorophyll and protein in the grass. They strengthen the immune system and boost digestion as well as soothe tummy pains.

FAQ about cat grass

Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about cat grass. 

Q: Why do cats eat grass at all?

A: It has a lot to do with their instincts. One of the reasons is that grass helps to clean the digestive tract. By eating a lot of grass cats become nauseous and throw up. This way they abruptly clean out their stomachs from hairs and other things that they cannot digest.

Q: What are the differences between various cat grasses? 

A: For the most part, most grasses are very similar. The differences usually boil down to the kit that’s included and how easy it is to grow the grass. 

Q: How to properly grow and care for cat grass?

A: There are usually instructions that come with the product. You should water but avoid overwatering them. The grass has a short lifespan and doesn’t need colossal attention but it still flourishes quicker and nicer if you take proper care of it. Sunlight is vital as well. 

Q: How long will the grass last?

A: This depends on the type of grass that you’re growing. The most accurate info can be found in reviews of other customers and in the pamphlets or manuals given by the producers. Usually, witting or turning yellow are the signs that the cat grass is starting to die. 


So, if you want to give your cat something that she or he will benefit from, get a cat grass growing kit. Some of these items are not just beneficial to the pet, they are also placed in neatly designed pots which can become a creative décor element indoors. The grass you buy should be easy to grow and contain as many beneficial nutrients, as possible. Lastly, don’t forget that it isn’t a toy – it’s a real superfood for the pet. 

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