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The 5 Best Personalized Dog Collars 2021 (Reviews)

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Written by Robert Lewis

Personalisation is a key aspect of having a pet as a member of your family. You name them, you raise them, you play with them, you feed them. Every part of their daily routine is imprinted with personalisation and reflects their own personality and yours’ too, as the primary carer. However, personalisation can be taken a step further and make every day in your family that much more special. Personalised or custom dog collars are a great choice for large dogs, for small dogs and for puppies. They’ll allow you to express your love for the pooch as well as help show their personality. So, here are the 5 best personalised dog collars and their reviews.

The Top 5 List

  1. Lucky Love Dog collar
  2. Blueberry PET – multi-colour choice
  3. The NaviTagi
  4. ACCNOB adjustable dog collar
  5. The Christmas collar with a bowtie
  1. Lucky Love Dog– colourful, bright and cute options which are also waterproof and durable

Made in Austin, Texas by a small business, these dog collars are our favourite choice from Amazon. They come in four different sizes which means that you can easily find the best-fitting dog collar for your puppy.

You can choose to buy the Hippie, Murphy, SoCo, Chilly or Rainey Street colour scheme. These are all very distinct, bright and cute. This waterproof collar is made from sturdy high-density nylon that won’t hurt the puppy. Lucky Love Dog collar is also practical. It comes with a metal buckle which you can clasp your leash on. For your convenience, Lucky Love Dog will sell you the matching leash for a very small added price.

The largest models are up to 1” wide. 


  • Very unique design
  • From a practical standpoint – one of the best personalised dog collars


  • Not the lowest price
  1. Blueberry PET – lots of colours and lots of personality for your pup
    blueberry pet

Finding the best dog collar can be hard. However, finding a custom or a personal collar for puppies can raise even more challenges during the process. Most buyers will have to compromise in some areas to get the product with the smallest number of drawbacks.

The blueberry PET might be one of the best choices out there. You can select one of 22 colours, 3 sizes and even have it personalised. Per request (and you can select this on Amazon), it can be sort of engraved. Well stitched on, actually, but that’s hardly the point. What’s important is that you want a custom baby pink, navy blue or blazing yellow dog collar with the pup’s name and your contact info on it – you can get it for a very reasonable price.


  • Bright, vivid and cute
  • Very affordable


  • Quality of manufacturing could be improved
  1. The NaviTagi – super safe collar

If you’re looking for something more exciting than just bright colours, this is as good as it gets. Let’s rundown the features of the NaviTagi collar.

It is made from a six-layer textile, so it’s very strong. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any edges which can cause itching. There are metal ID tags on the collar where your NaviTagi will have a unique SOS ID engraved. If, god forbid, your pup will get lost & found, the finders can use this ID to inform the database about the finding. They will contact you and the dog will return home. As a final note, there’s also a special pocket for license tags.  

It’s a practical dog collar that’s great for travelling. 


  • Very practical and robust
  • ID tagging makes it a very safe option


  • Design-wise, this one isn’t a stunner to say the least
  1. ACCNOB adjustable dog collar – a cute choice for a female dog

The ACCNOB has beautiful floral prints that just go well with female dogs. They can emit the motherly glow of a female Golden Retriever or accentuate the charisma of a Lady Beagle. Regardless of what breed pup you put it on, this collar, with flowers printed on them is awesome for small dogs and for large dogs alike.

Shame that there are quite few reviews on Amazon but the seller offers money-back guarantee. 


  • Very elegant, floral pattern design
  • Has a metal buckle


  • Lacks convenience and isn’t the easiest to fit.
  1. Christmas collar with a bowtie – for a festive look

If you want to make your pooch look festive, happy or suave, even, this is the choice for you. From looks alone, this hipster-y product is one of the best personalised dog collars around. Shame that its best feature is the appearance and practicality is mediocre, at best.

Choose one of three different sizes, and either the green or red colour. The bow is detachable and the whole hand-sewn collar is soft, which won’t force your pet to scratch. At the same time – it’s strong enough to withstand strain. Overall – a very good choice for all puppies. 


  • Supremely elegant design
  • Decent fabric quality


  • Plastic snaps feel cheap

How to pick out a suitable custom dog collar for your pooch?

When you’re looking for a personalised or custom dog collar, you should consider slightly different factors than when you’re buying just a regular collar. Before searching, measure the neck of your pooch. It will allow you to quickly know whether you want the x-small or the x-large model, or maybe something in between. 

First and foremost, let’s look at the most important features just to be sure. First of all, there’s the durability and sturdiness. Collars can be waterproof; they should come with a metal buckle and the material should be durable enough to withstand pulling. There is also an importance of collar width. Depending on how strong and muscular your dog is, you should choose wider collars. For example, a grown Rottweiler or a Shepheard shouldn’t go out with nothing less than a 2-inch-wide collar.

Next up, factor in the price. Buying cheap is good, but cheap dog collars aren’t necessarily the best ones. Look for the best ratio between price and quality.

Finally, factor in things like reflective trim, quick-release buckles, value collars with a handle over those who don’t have one, etc.

Once we move on to finding a custom dog collar, aesthetics come in to play. Decide and compare between custom tags or whether you would prefer collars with names printed on them. Names can be engraved, sewn, embroidered, etc. 

Look for the most appealing colour. Little stores might not offer that many options but when buying on Amazon online you can easily find cute and playful custom personalised dog collars

What common mistakes do people make when trying to find the best personalised dog collars or custom collars online?

  • They go for the cheapest option around
  • They don’t go all in on personalisation if they want to add a particular detail
  • They don’t consider what makes their dog look cute and buys for themselves
  • They don’t measure the size
  • They buy products with no, few or mixed reviews

Concluding thoughts/verdict/

If you’re looking for the best personalised dog collars, don’t forget to look back at our TOP 5 list for guidance. If you decide to look in a different direction, make sure that your choice meets the personal traits of your puppy and you’re good to go!

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