The 6 Best Cat Deterrent Sprays of 2021

Cat Deterrent Sprays
Written by Robert Lewis

Cat deterrent sprays are an important tool in keeping your home and/or your property safe and under wraps. As our feline family members tend to go a little wild and do unpredictable things sometimes, it’s important to not only protect your own things inside the house and keeping them safe from something like electrical outlets but you also want to prevent stray cats from potentially doing something unwanted in your yard. So, if you’re tired of cat pee or ruined pillows and you want your pets at home to be safe and sound, here are the 6 best cat deterrent sprays of 2021. 

The List 

  1. Best overall – ELIWAY Classic Calming
  2. Best for indoor use Harbors Cat Repellent
  3. Best smelling formula – Cat Guard Pro
  4. Best for outdoors and on stray cats SENTRY Stop That!
  5. Best to spray on furnitureEmmy’s 
  6. Best to stop scratching – Pet MasterMind

The overall best cat repellent – ELIWAY Classic Calming

This product has a reasonably low cost, compared to the many great benefits that it can bring into your home. First, foremost and most importantly – it has vet approval & recommendations. Since this repellent for ELIWAY has been clinically proven to stop and diminish stress-related behaviours due to stressful situations, this might just be the perfect cat deterrent spray for you. It can be fit in a diffuser and emit a calming mist which will reduce any kind of stress-induced behaviour. 

Pros – clinically tested results, great for indoor use, don’t need to monitor spraying as the diffusor takes care of it, drug free repellent.

Cons – reasonably pricey, average-at best outdoors 

The best for indoor useHarbors Cat Repellent

The Harbors Cat Repellent spray is a repellent and trainer in one. It is excellent for indoor use, although it is quite too mild for spraying outside. You can spray it on almost any kind of surface and the scent should force cats to stay away from designated spots. With Harbors Cat Repellent you can stop them from scratching furniture, urinating on rugs, etc. 

Pros – humans won’t be aggravated by the smell, decent price, can be sprayed directly on plants, on the furniture

Cons – requires regular application, practically doesn’t work outside

Best smelling formula Cat Guard Pro
cat guard

You can choose one of four scents – eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and original. All of them smell very nice compared to other repellent products. 

Pros – vegan composition, amazing scent, great scratch prevention, four different aromas

Cons – not the cheapest, isn’t great outdoors, could stain if not sprayed properly

Best for outdoors and on stray catsSENTRY Stop That!
sentry stop that

For long-lasting results and for dealing with stray cats, you need something a bit stronger than the average product. This particular spray will emit a quick loud noise with the spray to alert the cat that she or he is doing something wrong. 

This spray is infused with pheromones to provide not only an audio, but a scent-infused feedback to make the kitten understand that they are doing something wrong. Scare them away from trash cans or make them stop peeing in the wrong place.

Pros – loud spray, very strong pheromone-infused repellent, can stop scratch and urinating

Cons – not great indoors, could stain furniture

Best to spray on furnitureEmmy’s

Emmy’s is a unique line of cat deterrent sprays with rosemary essential oils and lemon grass. The main selling point of this product is that it won’t stain your furniture. It is also great for training pets at home to stop peeing or prevent them from scratching certain surfaces. 

Pros – loud spray, very strong pheromone-infused repellent, can stop scratch and urinating, price

Cons – not strong enough for outdoor use, does evaporate completely in 3-4 hours

Best to stop scratchingPet MasterMind
pet master

If you want a product that is oriented for scratching related problem-solving, pick the Pet MasterMind. Its non-staining formula will deter most cats from scratching furniture, pillows or other objects in your home.

Pros – Safe & natural formula, should not leave stains, cats will know the scent

Cons – average reviews on Amazon, does evaporate quite quickly, isn’t great outside

How to buy the best cat deterrent sprays online?

If you’re struggling mightily against the fearsome domestic animal that is the cat, and having trouble trying to make them behave, simply buy a cat deterrent spray. This tool should help you get a decent starting point, if not solve the problem entirely.

In general, cat deterrent sprays are certain sprayable aromas/scents that are repulsive to cats. They will notice and try to avoid them. So, if, for example, your cat does scratch wooden furniture or simply destroys fluffy pillows, spray it on those surfaces. If everything goes to plan, your cat will notice the scent and move away. Repeat that until your cat understands that pets at home shouldn’t be playing with the objects that you have been spraying.

When looking to buy, here are the main factors to take into consideration

What behaviour are you trying to prevent? Some sprays are aimed at trying to stop the cat from urinating, others are meant to deter from scratching or playing with dangerous objects like electrical wiring. However, there are also products that help calm them if they’re easily stressed, like the ELIWAY Classic Calming. Look for products that are made to solve that particular problem.

Where will you spray it? Now there are two main types of sprays. Ones are better for the yard, garden and outdoors use while others thrive indoors because they don’t stain plush fabrics that your furniture is made from. All in all, look for a suitable product that can be sprayed on a surface and can be easily cleaned afterwards. 

What do you want from it? There are a few sprayable deterrents that not only spray, but also send off an audio warning. An alarming hissing or similar noise will instantly alert the cat that they’re doing something wrong. It should stop their behaviour instantly and over a few times, should eradicate the habit entirely.

How important is the scent to you? We have to warn you, some deterrents do have a repulsive smell for humans. This is why you need to read product specs before buying. Make sure that the product of your choice has a pleasant scent. Cat Guard Pro is the cat deterrent spray with the best smell for 2021. Just keep in mind that sometimes good aromas come with a lack of strength, so it smells good but evaporates quickly. 

Choosing a water spray for cats can also be a viable alternative. Water will stop them and warn them about nasty acts and won’t stain. 


For those owners looking for either a solution to unwanted behaviours indoors, or to keep cats away from their outdoor land, a selection of the best cat deterrent sprays have been listed above, and there is sure to be one that will meet your needs.

Owners wishing to alter their cats’ habits indoors should use the deterrent sprays in combination with training methods to ensure effective and long-lasting results.

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