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The 8 Best Wet Cat Foods of 2021 (Review)

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Written by Robert Lewis

Wet cat food is great and much better than dry alternatives for cats who are picky eaters or for kitties that need extra support for their kidneys or the urinary tract. However, besides better urinary health and for hydration, what are some of the other reasons why you might consider wet cat foods? Next to all of the health benefits we can also occasionally find a much better nutrient and mineral balance as well as taste, that’s more likeable by all cats, not just fussy eaters. We had a look online and picked out the 8 best wet cat foods of 2021. Here they are.

The list of 8 best wet cat foods with shopping links

  1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wet Cat Food For Adult Cats
  2. Purina Pro Plan Focus Senior 
  3. Purina ONE True Instinct Protein-Rich
  4. Purina Fancy Feast 
  5. Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet
  6. Purina Friskies Canned Wet
  7. Royal Canin Instinctive Adult
  8. Tiki Cat After Dark

Reviews of 8 best wet cat foods of 2021

  1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wet Cat Food for Adult Cats – make a healthy dish with this grain-free wet cat food
    blue buffalo wilderness wet

On Amazon, this particular wet cat food has one of the best ratings and reviews. No surprise why. You have lots of flavours to choose from, a grain-free formula and real chicken as the 1st ingredient. Price is a significant downside, however. 


  • No soy, wheat or corn
  • No by-products
  • Lots of moisture for daily hydration
  • Rich in protein


  • Quite expensive
  1. Purina Pro Plan Focus Senior – good food for cats with a sensitive stomach 
    purina pro plan senior

This wet cat food comes with a plethora of ingredients. The main one is salmon. It’s fairly decent for cats with no teeth and is tailored towards older cats who have particular needs for their health. 


  • Decent value for money
  • Great reviews on Amazon
  • Trustworthy and reputable brand
  • Excellent fit for older cats


  • Quite a lot of protein
  1. Purina ONE True Instinct Protein-Rich – made with real chicken, good when you’re on a budget
    purina one pro

The Purina One True Instinct is a protein-rich, kind of cheap, but decent quality wet cat food that should be suitable for all kitties both young and older. The formula is infused with minerals & nutrients for a wholesome eating experience.


  • Good value for money
  • Various flavours are available
  • Trustworthy and reputable brand
  • Is with taurine, thus is great for young cats


  • Lots of protein means it is unsuitable for most elderly cats or cats with illness
  1. Purina Fancy Feast – affordable canned food for cats 
    purina fancy feast

When you buy from Amazon, you can select a lot of different flavour combinations to give variety for your feline pet and great taste as well. The Fancy Feast brand was created all the way back in 1982 and you can select almost any sort of flavour and type of canned wet cat food.


  • Loads of different flavours
  • Price
  • High-moisture content
  • Reputable brand


  • Sometimes too difficult to choose what’s best from the lot
  1. Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet – a pate full of flavour
    blue buffalo healthy

This particular wet cat food is a flavourful and wholesome choice that is almost in all top 10 lists of the best wet cat foods. Because real turkey is ingredient #1, your pets can expect amazing flavour. It comes with gravy and could also be used when the cat has put on weight. 


  • Delicious flavours
  • No corn, wheat or soy and their by-products
  • A great balance of vitamins and nutrients
  • No artificial flavours


  • Not entirely grain-free
  1. Purina Friskies Canned Wet Stuff’d & Sauc’d – an exciting and wholesome mix of pate and wet cat food
    purina friskies

The Stuff’d & Sauc’d variety pack is great for those cat parents who want to find a no-fuss feeding solution for their pets. It isn’t great for senior kitties or for cats that have some kind of liver disease or gastrointestinal problems but if your pet has a strong stomach and is a picky eater, you could try it. 


  • Four unique flavours in a pack of cans
  • Chicken is the #2 ingredient in all cans
  • Delicious flavours
  • Reputable brand


  • Meat-by products
  • Definitely couldn’t be called a healthy cat food
  1. Royal Canin Instinctive Adult – nutritious wet cat food 
    royal canin

This formula is AAFCO approved and comes with a lot of protein. It should be given to cats 1 year or older. The Royal Canin Instinctive adult should not allow the cat to gain weight and will offer all essential nutrients, neatly packed in one meal. It also keeps the urinary system healthy.


  • Cats seem to love and prefer the flavour
  • Tailored towards healthy and wholesome nutrition
  • Reputable brand


  • Isn’t great for kitties or senior cats
  • Price could be lower
  1. Tiki Cat After Dark – a decent choice and one of the best wet cat foods around 
    tiki cat

The Tiki Cat After Dark formula is great for most kittens. It’s considered to offer nutrition and taste, as similar to a wild diet, as possible. Furthermore, it comes without fillers or thickening agents. Due to this amazing “specs”, the Tiki Cat After Dark could prevent vomiting, diarrhea and should be a decent-enough choice for cats with kidney disease or other illness, if they’re already recovering.


  • Lots of protein
  • One of the best rated wet cat foods on the market
  • Similar to a natural diet


  • Not grain-free
  • Quite a lot of fat

How to develop a proper and balanced diet for your cat?

Since we highlighted the best wet cat foods already, we think it is obligatory that we talk a bit more about diets and rationing, in general. While we won’t give you a 1000 pages worth of information, we’ll share some tips on how to select appropriate foods for your cat.

  1. Factor in their age. Age matters with cat food. Young and growing kitties need a lot more quick energy while senior cats need support for their health, digestive system, joints, etc. Make sure to pick appropriate products by age.
  2. Wet food should be included in the ration. Even though dry food is cheaper and much more convenient to use, wet or canned food might be better for your cat. Usually these particular meals fulfil your cat’s appetite a bit better and have more health promoting properties, like improving dental health, reducing dandruff, helping against hairballs, etc.
  3. Protein of animal origins. This is the most important ingredient and should be the most important ingredient in your cat’s diet. Cats instinctively lean towards food high in protein. Since there’s no vegetarian or vegan cats, you should feed them with meals and food pouches or select a dish that has an appropriate amount of protein.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask. If you’re wondering, look for veterinary recommended wet or dry cat food. Since vets deal with it every day, they will and should know about what’s the best wet cat food for weight loss or what’s the best organic cat food made in the USA, etc. By asking questions, you can get answers.
  5. Don’t overdo on carbs. As we’ve mentioned, protein is the most essential nutrient. Carbohydrates are essential, yes, but they shouldn’t be given in large quantities. Too many grains could lead to weight gain and GI issues or something like hyperthyroidism, etc

Concluding thoughts/verdict/

So, now you know the best wet cat foods on Amazon in 2021. You will also know how to pick out good and suitable cat food for all indoor cats. However, as decision-time will near, you should always put the interests of your cat, first. Don’t look to save and compromise on product quality as it could substantially diminish the health of your pet. Know what your cat needs and give it to them!

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