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The Best Dog Bones (Review) of 2021

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Written by Robert Lewis

How to make your dog happy and/or excited? Throw them something chewy, that’s right! If they have a treat, snack or anything else that they can gnaw on, dogs are occupied, happy and stress-free. Thus, chewy treats, toys and snacks are an essential part of dog training and parenthood/ownership. In this article, we will review the best dog bones of 2021. The list will include chewable snacks, toys and treats for small dogs and large dogs alike. Some of them are almost indestructible while others are meant to occupy your pet for a short while. Without further ado, let’s get into the exact list of the best dog bones on Amazon of 2021 and their reviews.

The Top 7 List

  1. Rachel Ray Nutrish Soup Bones
  2. Purina Busy Bone Original
  3. Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone
  4. Oneisall indestructible Dog Toy For Aggressive chewers 
  5. Petstages RUFFWOOD 
  6. WEST PAW Hurley with Zogoflex
  7. Petstages DOGWOOD Stick

Features to consider / reviews

  1. Rachel Ray Nutrish Soup Bones – chewy edible treats that last long
    Rachel Ray Nutrish Soup Bones

Rachel Ray is one of the best-renowned brands in the culinary world. And not just speaking about human food, Rachel Ray is also the brand behind tons of natural high-quality dog treats and foods. The Nutrish Soup Bones are savoury chewy treats that last long. You can give one to your pet after they’ve been a good boy/girl. Keep in mind that this is a snack/treat and not a toy, thus you will need replenishments every so often.


  • Edible and delicious for most dogs
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Suits breeds of all sizes
  • Comes in different flavours


  • A consumable treat, not particularly great for aggressive chewers
  1. Purina Busy Bone Original – direct that chewing energy into one place
    Purina Busy Bone Original

It’s quite difficult for people who have dogs that are heavy chewers in their households. It’s bad news for almost anything that they own. However, it’s also not as bad because there is a way to curb all that energy and to keep dogs busy. With Purina Busy Bone long-lasting chews, everyone can sigh a breath of relief. This type of treat will occupy the pup for a long time. It’s full of natural ingredients and real pork as well. 


  • Made in the USA
  • Good for aggressive chewers
  • Suits most small dogs and great for puppies too
  • Should improve dental health


  • Not great for large breeds
  1. Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone – a great chewy toy for aggressive chewers
    Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone

If you’re in the market for chewable toys and dog bones, you should definitely consider the Benebone Wishbone. It’s made in the USA, infused with peanut butter, bacon or chicken for that amazing flavour and taste that pups seem to love. You can choose one of five sizes that are suitable for dogs of all sizes and weight categories. The main composite is nylon which makes it almost impossible to destroy and chew through. Overall, the Benebone is an excellent choice for chewers.


  • Made in the USA
  • Ergonomic and comes in different sizes
  • Flavours loved by most dogs
  • Reasonably priced


  • Isn’t the most exciting toy out there
  1. Oneisall indestructible Dog Toy For Aggressive chewers – literally indestructible

When you have large dogs in your home, someone like German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Huskies or someone of that size and calibre, you need toys that are durable and heavy-duty. Far from all dog bones can withstand the sheer chewing intensity and power that a strong pooch has. Luckily, the oneisall is one of the best dog bones in this category if not the best. It should promote dental health and prevent your pooch from feeling to stressed and/or bored. Overall, the oneisall ticks all the right boxes to be labelled as a great dog bone for larger breeds.


  • Made from high-quality food grade nylon
  • Promotes dental health
  • Almost indestructible
  • Attractive and noticeable


  • Good but not great reviews on Amazon 
  1. Petstages RUFFWOOD – suitable for mild chewers 
    Petstages RUFFWOOD

There’s something about real, genuine wood that some dogs just cannot resist. So, instead of allowing them to ruin the wooden leg of your sofa or bed, give them the Petstages RUFFWOOD chew toy. It’s organic and contains real wood. Smells like it too. This means that almost all pups will immediately fall in love with it. However, real wood does mean the very rare possibility of splinters. Keep that in mind and replace the toy every so often. However, the splinters mean that this toy is a no-go with aggressive and persistent chewers.


  • Cheap
  • With real wood and smells like real wood
  • Super strong synthetic toy
  • Will definitely occupy most mild chewers


  • Not the safest toy out there
  • Won’t do much for bad breath or dental health – just a toy
  1. WEST PAW Hurley with Zogoflex – something versatile that’s meant for chewers 
    WEST PAW Hurley with Zogoflex

As advertised, the Hurley is safer than other toys made with rawhide. It isn’t at all heavy, so you can give it to small or large dogs and play fetch with this toy too. At only 50 grams, this toy should float, so playing near or in water is possible. The manufacturer says that the WEST PAW Hurley is a direct alternative to wooden sticks or dogwood. And indeed, it is much safer, but not at all organic (yet recyclable). So, it’s up to you to make the decision.


  • Different sizes for all dog sizes
  • Bright and very engaging
  • Safe
  • Light and floating


  • Not the cheapest toy
  • No health benefits
  1. Petstages DOGWOOD Stick – chewy dogwood with little worries 
    Petstages DOGWOOD Stick

We already featured one dogwood stick on this list. The DOGWOOD Stick differs from the RUFFWOOD in the sense that it has slightly less of a ‘WOW’ factor to it but bears a higher pricetag. Even though it’s relatively safe and great for any dog, ranging from Golden Retrievers all the way to yorkies or Boston terriers, you should be mindful of the fact that this toy contains real wood. There is, albeit minimal, risk of splinters. Regardless, it smells amazing for dogs and it’s also made in the USA.


  • Made in the USA
  • Smells like real wood
  • Looks like a real wooden stick


  • Not the safest toy out there – possibility of splinters
  • Quite expensive

Why are chewy toys and bones important for your dog?

Chewing is one of those things that almost all dogs just love to do. However, not all people understand that dogs chew not just for entertainment purposes. There are many benefits that can be capitalised upon in here. Chewing is important for huskies, for labs, for Pitbulls and every single dog. But why is that and what benefits do these dog bones offer?

  1. For entertainment and occupation. The worst thing that a dog can experience is boredom and stress. Chewing for dogs is like doing yoga or jogging for people. It helps reduce stress and satisfies their instinctive urges. 
  2. For health benefits. Dogs do need strong teeth. That’s why you see so many treats meant for teeth and dental health. However, whereas a snack will be chewed and consumed, the bone offers much more durability and can be used for longer. This will help your pet to retain good dental health for a long time. Some other treats are easily digestible and suit a pet with a sensitive stomach.
  3. It’s just delicious for them. Excluding the treats which are obviously made to be full of flavour, some toys also have that raw, amazing taste that will have your dog gnawing on it for a long time.

Different types of dog bones

One other thing you should be aware of is that there are many different types of dog bones out there. But what are the best choices for your pooch? Well – let’s look at them and find out.

Synthetic bones. The name is pretty self-explanatory. Most of these will be made from nylon. They can be much more durable than natural alternatives or not. It all depends on the make. Durability is directly linked with the price. Most of these are colourful, squeaky even. They’re best for smaller or medium dogs (e.g. Australian Shepherds, most terriers). Goldendoodles or larger dogs might be better off with a natural or wooden bone.

Wood bones. They are sold under various different brands. If you live with a large breed, this is definitely the way to go. The unique scent, added flavour and chewiness is appreciated by a lot of pets out there. However, splinters can be a bother if the bone contains real wood.

Antlers. These are the rarest of the bunch. Made (without harming the animals themselves) from deer and moose antlers. Just like wood, they are tough and dogs just seem to love them. There’s also a unique scent as well.

Natural bones. If you don’t want to spend too much on a toy or if your dog just prefers it that way, leftover bones from cooking or real bones from the store is definitely a solid option. These products, however, won’t contribute too much to the dental hygiene. Besides, it can get pretty messy with a real bone, so it isn’t the clean option.

Final thoughts & conclusion

In the end, you should be aware that there are a couple of different types of dog bones. Each one of them has its pros and cons that you need to know. Also, before buying, make sure to understand why your dog needs the bone or chewy toy and look for the option which offers the most advantages. In short – try and find the brands and products of what are the best dog bones in the market. Finally, evaluate the likes of Rachel Ray Nutrish Soup Bones & Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone as viable contenders and frontrunners.

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