The Best Dog Thermometers (Reviews) in 2021

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Written by Robert Lewis

The benefits of dog thermometers are pretty self-explanatory. Although none of us wish to use it often, since it means that your pup is feeling poorly, you have to have one just in case. Especially when your dog gets up there in terms of age, the people at home should have a rectal thermometer or an infrared device that will allow you to quickly determine that your dog has a fever. You may or may not know that the organism of a dog is very susceptible to temperature variations. Even slight deviations from the norm can be dangerous. Furthermore, after beginning to recover from an illness or while battling something like diabetes or pancreatitis, your pet needs constant monitoring and care. This is our list of the best dog thermometers in 2021 and their reviews.

The list of the best dog thermometers of 2021

  1. iProven Dt-R1221AWG 
  2. Hurinan Animal Electronic Ehermometer
  3. White Coat Fast Reading Digital Thermometer
  4. ADC Veterinary Thermometer
  5. Forehead Thermometer by CocoBear
  6. Digital Vets Thermometer 

Reviews of the best dog thermometers

  1. iProven Dt-R1221AWG – probably the best dog thermometer money can buy right now
    iProven Dt-R1221AWG

Yes, we know, rectal thermometers are never fun. However, that is the best way to measure temperature as it is by far the most accurate. This particular device, the one with the very complicated name – iProven Dt-R1221AWG is a very popular and probably best overall dog thermometer in the market and on Amazon today.

First and foremost – it’s comfortable and accurate. These are the two qualities which are by far, the most important ones for your dog. It will help you quickly determine and evaluate the situation and won’t force you to spend loads of time trying to take them temperature. The iProven is also easy to clean and not too expensive. All in all – a definite home run. 


  • Quickly measures
  • Very accurate
  • Not at all difficult to clean
  • Affordable
  • Is as comfortable to the pet, as possible


  • Can be a little bit tricky to use for first-timers
  1. Hurinan Animal Electronic Ehermometer – a very accurate thermometer for all pets
    Hurinan Animal Electronic Ehermometer

It’s not that easy to find a durable, accurate and comfortable thermometer. While not as comfy as the iProven, the Hurinan is aimed at the convenience of the human parent of the pet or the clinician who is performing the exam. So, you’ll definitely appreciate the easy-to-grip design and light build as well as the bright LCD screen which puts up all readings right before your eyes.

This particular thermometer works both ways as it can be put in mouth but also works as a rectal thermometer. You can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit with ease, as well.


  • Convenient for the human
  • LCD screen
  • Accurate
  • Great reviews


  • Not one of the cheapest dog thermometers
  1. White Coat Fast Reading Digital Thermometer – the best cheap thermometer
    White Coat Fast Reading Digital Thermometer

We come to expect that anything health-related is going to cost a lot. And most of us aren’t afraid to spend a little bit extra to get the very best for ourselves or our loved ones. Luckily, White Coat has developed and sells a high-quality dog thermometer at a reasonable price. This particular device is a very basic multi-purpose device which also suits not only dogs but humans. 

The readings are done quickly, the thermometer is waterproof and it also has a flexible tip which makes it convenient. 


  • Great price
  • Fast
  • Can be used in multiple ways
  • Human-grade technology


  • It won’t beep after a reading
  • Not the best build quality
  1. ADC Veterinary Thermometer – low-price compact dog thermometer for everyone
    ADC Veterinary Thermometer

Keeping in theme with affordable dog thermometers, the ADC Veterinary Thermometer is one of the best low-cost alternatives in the market. It has pretty good reviews on Amazon and it seems like customers appreciate the accuracy and monitoring benefits that it brings. This isn’t the most precise or high-grade medical tool but it does get the job done. It is for rectal-use primarily but can be used orally as well. 

The best things about this device – low price and the fact that you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit on demand.


  • Low price
  • Dual scale
  • Pretty quick to present a reading
  • Light and compact


  • The size can be a downside because this one is very small
  • Not the most comfortable for the dog
  1. Forehead Thermometer by CocoBear – high-grade infrared dog thermometer with lots of bells & whistles
    Forehead Thermometer by CocoBear

This device really stands out from the rest of the entries in this list. Beginning with the futuristic design and the very bright, high-res LCD monitor screen, ending with the immensely quick and accurate readings, the CocoBear forehead dog thermometer will tick all of the boxes. Both real reviews and the advertising materials prove that the CocoBear shows a reading in 1 second.

You need to place it 1-5 centimetres from the forehead of your pup. Change between Fahrenheit and Celsius on demand and get informative beeps every time when the temperature exceeds the norm. However, it is pricey.


  • Probably the best in terms of technology
  • Stunningly accurate
  • Nice design
  • User-friendly & quick


  • Very expensive when compared to alternatives
  • Casual (non med-grade) users might not be able to utilise all features
  1. Digital Vets Thermometer – one of the simplest dog thermometers, but what more do you need?
    Digital Vets Thermometer

Fancy something simple that gets the job done and isn’t expensive? Definitely get the Digital Vets Thermometer in that case. It’s the most basic choice from the list but it is accurate, reasonably quick and suitable for almost all pets. However, you won’t be getting the quickest or the most comfortable thermometer with this one. 


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable for most pets
  • Quite accurate


  • Does lose efficiency over time & especially if not stored properly
  • Not quick

Tips to buy the best dog thermometer

Even though we showed the list of the 6 best dog thermometers of 2021, it might worth knowing the general tips and advice on selecting the best dog thermometer. You could be overwhelmed with the broad range of different and unique products that are for sale. 

  • Don’t overpay if you don’t need it. If your puppy isn’t struggling with some difficult health condition or if they don’t need constant monitoring, don’t spend more than is absolutely necessary. We don’t recommend buying the cheapest thermometer just because it’s the cheapest (you’ll likely be disappointed), but overspending isn’t an option too.
  • Pick a type. There are in-ear, rectal, infrared and multi-type dog thermometers. In-ear thermometers are put in the ear, rectal ones go in the back, infrareds can be held close to the forehead while multi-type dog thermometers can show readings in many different ways. Cheap rectal or in-ear thermometers can be accurate, but vets and all medical personnel seems to most trust the infrared device readings. They are the most expensive, however.
  • Read reviews from real customers. Marketing material can only get you so far. Make sure to read the reviews of real customers. They will show you the exact reality of how it is to use and live with a particular device.

How to properly take the dog’s temperature

Taking the dog’s temperature is usually a quick, totally painless but delicate process. You have two different types of dog thermometers. Ones require inserting into particular areas or cavities of the body while others can measure from a distance. 

Speaking of which, IR thermometers are the most popular nowadays, even though they cost a bit more. Turn it on, hold it in front of the dog (1-5 centimetres away from the forehead). Wait for the reading to appear on the screen. It usually takes a few seconds, tops.

Dog rectal thermometers require insertion and are the most common. The most crucial step here is to relax the dog. If it’s the first time or if you know that the dog gets nervous when he/she sees a thermometer, get help to hold them in place so they don’t make any quick movements. We strongly suggest lubricating the tip and gently putting it in. Don’t forget to lift the tail and don’t push further than the tip. Hold it in until you hear the beep or the required time passes. Slowly pull it out and reward the dog. Clean the thermometer with alcohol or cleaning agents after checking the reading. This process isn’t for everyone, even though it’s accurate.

In-ear thermometers are easier to use. Make sure the ear is straight. Position yourself in an appropriate spot, pull the ear upwards and gently push it inside the ear canal. Wait for the reading to appear.

Concluding thoughts

Healthy dog equals a happy house, right? If you believe so and you want what’s best for your pet, don’t hesitate and get a dog thermometer from an online store. There are some great devices available for sale. Don’t forget to be aware of how to take the temperature of your pooch and how to select the best thermometer. In the end, it’s all about what’s best for your pet!

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