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The Ultimate Puppy Shopping List

Written by Robert Lewis

Has your family just got bigger with the addition of a new four-legged buddy? There are a few things that need to be considered as soon as those paws go through the door of your house (or maybe even before).

Many people decide to get a puppy after careful consideration about breeds or places where to get this new buddy from, but sometimes they forget to do an extended list of the items they need to buy before or as soon as possible after the puppy joins the crew.

So the puppy shopping list is like a grocery list, which you need to have in order to buy all the necessary stuff and not waste money on things which are not important or valuable. We have made the ultimate puppy shopping list so that you can be fully prepared to take care of your pouch.

The must-haves before bringing the puppy home:

A water bowl

It’s a must to have once you bring the puppy home. For the stress-free experience (that OMG moment of I forgot to refill the water bowl) a refillable bowl with an additional container to keep it always full is recommended. There are different sizes and we would recommend going with a Frisco one or if you prefer something more fashionable, take a look at Etsy.

Appropriate food

Never ever, consider that you’ll give your puppy the same food as you give to your family. It doesn’t matter if your puppy is from a shelter or a breeder, use appropriate food for their digestive system. There is a great article in the Strategist about suitable food for puppies (from big supply chains), otherwise you could consider organic and really healthy food (which is a bit expensive). Take a look at Rocketo

The puppy’s bed

There are so many options that it is almost impossible to suggest anything. Just list what is important to you: i) is it portable Y/N? ii) is it easy to clean Y/N? iii) chew-proof Y/N? iv) warm (with fur) Y/N? etc. There are some great suggestions in the K9 of mine blog, check it out.

Leash and harness

As soon you practice walking with your new buddy, it will be a lot easier for him/her to accept this new contraption. There are many options and colors available. For the leash, consider a retractable one (like this one). and for a harness please avoid using neck-only covering options. Choose a vest type option.


Usually, puppies love being brushed, so use a gentle and easy-to-use tool for this. Hand gloves for brushing are great as they massage them and give cuddles to your little friend as well, though for long-haired dogs you might need something dual like Frisco Combo Brush.


Among the many popular options are these or choose more natural ones (go for organic ones as digestion issues are quite common because of the synthetic nature of the sticks). Sticks are important for your dog’s dental care, so do not take your puppy’s dental care for granted.

Shampoo and conditioner (for long-haired dogs it is necessary to use conditioner).

Start with a natural one and later on move to something based on your dog’s hair and skin condition. There are good comparisons across the different brands here.

Must-haves to buy during the first six months:

A nail grinder

Sometimes it’s not enough to have an active puppy and to make sure that their nails are naturally trimmed. The biggest mistake is to wait till the nails are too long and the onset of some paw related issues. Start and train your puppy to get familiar with a grinder as soon as they hit 6 months. Let them become familiar with it and start little by little grinding their nails. We recommend trimming the dog’s nails each month or at least once every two months to provide them with the ultimate care. My favourite device is LuckyTail. Take a look at grinders’ ratings here.

Chewies and toys

Amazon, Petco and Chewy have a great selection of chewie and toys. What do you need to keep in mind? Make sure that the plastic toys are pet-friendly, check the ingredients and warranty. Do not buy ALL the toys that make sounds as some puppies are afraid of sudden noises. Plus it is better to buy several different toys/chewies to see what your puppy likes and then order more if needed.


Some people consider it a must-have for bringing a puppy home, but others disagree as you can live without them. However, you definitely need them for when you start training your puppy.

Must-haves for the growing dog:


To help your dog grow up healthy and fit, do not forget to use supplements and vitamins. These Natural Dog Company products are good as they can be used as treats as well.

Paw care

If you spend a lot of time outside and on rough surfaces, take care of your best friend’s paws, no matter if you are in the park or forest. There are various suggestions for paw care, so choose something based on your dog’s activity in order to prevent possible injuries.

It’s good to have items usually with long-term use and defined value:

Pet Health Insurance

While you’ll need to visit the vet for vaccinations, it’s better to be safe than sorry and have insurance that can cover medical care including accidents, illnesses or emergency care. You will definitely want that because as with children, it’s the same with dogs, you want them healthy and happy all the time. Insurance takes away some of the stress if something unfortunate happens.

Activity tracking / Food monitoring App

Keeping in mind that 25-30% of the general canine population has obesity problems and 40-45% of dogs aged older than 5 years are overweight we definitely recommend getting into a habit of tracking your beloved one’s activity and food portions. There are plenty of apps for this. A favorite one is DogLog (iOS/Android)

Adaptil Dog Diffuser

It mimics the natural pheromone mother dogs emit, so it helps your new family friend to feel calm and secure. This one is preferred.

We hope this list is helpful for you on your new and exciting journey of having a puppy at home. We try to update this list as soon as we get or try new things, so please take part and share your comments about what was a must-have for your new puppy and what things you forgot to get in time for their arrival.

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