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Top 10 Best Dog Nail Grinders with Light of 2021

Dog Nail Grinders with Light
Written by Robert Lewis

Is it time for you to finally cut your dog’s nails, even though you’ve been dreading it for weeks? Many pet owners are scared of trimming their pup’s nails and end up bringing them to a professional. However, the reality is that everybody can do it when they have the right tools. 

It’s easy to assume that clippers are the only tools for cutting their pet’s nails at home, but grinders are a far superior option. Like their name suggests, these tools grind down the nails providing smooth, clean, rounded edges while keeping your furry friend safe. This article will outline the best grinders on the market and which one is most suitable for your dog. 

Dog Nail Grinders With Light 

All dogs require nail trimming. That’s a fact. If they are left unattended, the nails can snap, bleed, or even grow into the dog’s paws. Clippers leave jagged edges on your pet’s nails and can easily cause them discomfort due to pinches and cuts during the clipping process. The correct tool for the job is a nail grinder. These devices will allow you to deal with your pet’s nails safely. The best options out there have an inbuilt light that will help you see what you’re doing. This fantastic feature reduces the number of scrapes your dog may receive during the grinding process to virtually zero. 

Top 10 Best Picks

Now that we have established the superiority of nail grinders with light, we can delve deeper into the different alternatives. Let us help you figure out which one is right for you and your four-legged friend. Looking at all the options online can get overwhelming, but we did all the research, so you don’t have to. This list will give you a comprehensive guide to the best tools on the market, making everything simple for you at home. 

1. LuckyTail
luckytail claw grinding device

This dog nail grinder with light is our first option for an obvious reason: It is simply the best! If you’re looking for an extremely quiet device, this one is a great alternative. It is equipped with ultra-light vibrations, ensuring a comfortable experience for dogs. The light is an excellent feature that simplifies things for you. The LuckyTail grinder combines a sleek design with practicality. It comes with USB charging technology to provide you with a cordless grinding process. Plus, you’ll get a high-end device for just a fraction of what you should be paying.

2. Dremel PawControl
Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer

The Dremel nail grinder is a close second. This grinder comes with two speed variations and has some of the same benefits as the LuckyTail. It is cordless, which allows more flexibility for your grinding needs. With a rechargeable four-volt lithium-ion battery, it’ll stay powered up for longer than other options out there! This grinder is a little more expensive, though, coming in at around $50.

3. Casfuy
Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder

This device is another good alternative for your pet’s nails. The two-way diamond bit grinder produces neat and clean results every time. There are two speed options, letting you choose which one is more effective on your furry friend. The Casfuy is cordless and rechargeable. A large downside is that the charging time is three hours, only to give you two hours of use.

4. Useeland
J-Bonest Powerful Dog Nail Grinder

Quiet yet powerful, this dog nail grinder with light makes another excellent alternative for professional results at home. Its biggest advantage is its superior battery life since it can last up to 20 hours on a single charge. Plus, you only need a four-hour to get all powered up! One potential issue, however, is that the grinder can heat up during the trimming process. Experts recommend working quickly to prevent this from happening. This device comes at a cheap price point at only $21.89. It’s a steal!

5. isYoung
isYoung Dog Nail Grinder

These grinder’s functions are very similar to the other alternatives on this list. However, it’s one of the most affordable. It has a 90-day money-back guarantee and comes with a one-year warranty. That’s bound to back up its professional quality! Right? The only drawback is that you can only use it three hours at a time after each three-hour charge.

6. Gindoly

This grinder’s main feature that differentiates itself from the others on this list is the LED display. This useful monitor allows the user to keep an eye on its battery level. The Gindoly is rechargeable but only lasts about three hours on a single charge. Needless to say, you have to work quickly during the trimming, so it might not be the best alternative for bigger breeds. It has small vibrations, allowing your pet the most comfort possible during trimming.

7. Tinghao
TINGHAO Dog Nail Grinder

This grinder comes equipped with four size ports. Three of them are for different sized dogs, and the last one for polishing the nails after trimming. The diamond grinding stone won’t wear off as quickly as others, but it needs to be wielded with caution to avoid grinding off too much. This dog nail grinder with light is not very useful for dogs with thicker nails, though, as it doesn’t grind them that quickly. The Tinghao is compact, considering all its different attachments and ports.

8. Akktol
AKKTOL Dog Nail Grinder

This device is one of the cheapest options on the market. It is compact and comes with multiple ports. Besides, it holds 20 hours of battery life on one charge. However, it needs to charge for a long time to get completely juiced up. On the bright side, it allows you to quickly switch between different speeds without producing unnecessary vibrations and noises. This feature will help you keep your pet calm and happy during trimming time.

9. ConairPRO

The ConairPRO is a very quiet and lightweight grinder but still packs all the power as the rest. This option is great for dogs of all sizes and features a protective cover to keep you and your pets safe. Unlike some of the other grinders on this list, the ConairPRO is corded. While you don’t have to worry about charging times or running out of battery as you grind, the cord might be an unnecessary hassle. That’s why this device ranked so low on our list.  

10. MPP
MPP Dog Nail Trimmer Safety Grinder

This high-end dog nail grinder with light comes in close to $100. It comes with a rechargeable battery for your convenience. The multiple attachments ensure a professional trim for dogs every time. You’re looking at a good option if you have some dollars to spare. However, some other fantastic options will do the trick for much cheaper.

Final Decision

Using this list, you can easily pick out the dog nail grinder with light that suits you best. Each one has different benefits and drawbacks. However, they’re all quality products and come with the highly coveted LED light feature. Our favorite device is the LuckyTail grinder. It’s sleek design combined with power and low price point make it the obvious choice. You and your pets will never regret buying such a useful gadget!

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